• Mr. Sanchez  
    Mr. Sanchez
    8th Grade Social Studies
    Room 204


    Double Major in Psychology and History

    University of Maryland at College Park



    Masters in the Science of Teaching

    Fordham University
    Masters in School Building Leadership

    Manhattanville College

    Welcome to American History.This class will expand upon and reinforce knowledge that you may have already learned.  The curriculum emphasizes the history of New York State, as well as the historical foundations of the United States.  You will explore and answer the essential questions that historians have asked for ages while having the opportunity to form your own opinions and theories.  At the end of each year your knowledge of American History from each grade will be assessed with a final exam.  This sounds like an intimidating task but with hard work, dedication, and an enthusiastic attitude you will be successful.  
    *All homework can be found on the below calendar