• Welcome to 5th Grade
    Welcome to Team5B! Check out this year's Welcome Video here: Welcome to Team 5B 2022.  This year, our class will work together to make each day successful and filled with both learning and laughter. We strive to be a community of engaged, effective learners who do our best with every learning challenge we face. Together we are mastering many new strategies that will help us grow academically, and socially! This year we will work to master both learning in the classroom and via distance learning, and your teacher, Ms. Bradish, is here to support you and your family! 

    Dear Students

    Parents – Here are some tips to help your child excel in Fifth Grade:

    *After 5 years at Church Street School, students in 5th Grade have learned the skills and strategies they need to learn and to succeed in school. This year you'll find your fifth grader completing and reviewing his or her homework with much more independence. Encourage your children to take responsibility for their learning and feel the pride and success that comes with applying what they've learned at school to their homework and studying. They should be preparing for middle school!

    *Ask your fifth grader what he or she is learning in school! Taking time at home shows interest in learning and reviewing concepts we’ve learned at school always helps with reinforcement and concept mastery.

    *  Your fifth grader has homework to be completed daily. Please remember to check your child’s homework planner with your child and sign it each day. Remember your child will be receiving homework from different teachers this year.

    *  Students are expected to read every night for at least 30 minutes. Reading daily can improve your student’s abilities in all areas of schooling. Please help to ensure that this reading takes place each night.

    * Please help your child to arrive at school each day on time, with his or her homework, and any other notices or messages. Please send me a written note (e-mails and phone calls are no longer accepted) if your child’s dismissal routine will change for the day or you are aware of an upcoming absence.
    Why Can't I Skip My 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight? Comparison