• patriotMs. Lee
    4th GradeTeacher


    Fourth grade is full of exciting new experiences!

     We will be studying many exciting topics such as Native Americans, explorers, the Colonial period, the Revolutionary War, and beyond. The students will be involved in Book Clubs and Writer’s Workshop where they will improve and polish their skills. We will be learning to work cooperatively, in small groups, to complete many activities and projects.


    In math, as well as all content areas, the student’s learning experiences will emphasize a problem solving approach. This will enable all students to unlock their analytical and critical thinking abilities to solve the problems they will face in everyday life.


    In addition, connections will be made between the topics being covered and their use in daily life. Children will be more likely to internalize new information if they understand its real life application or relevance to their own lives.


    I will try to instill in my students the idea that we are all lifelong learners and the belief that all children are capable of learning and achieving realistic goals.


    Ms. Lee