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Head Lice Information

HEAD LICE!! The very words make parents cringe. But the truth of the matter is that head lice are a part of life and reach across all socio-economic backgrounds.

If your child contracts head lice and it is discovered by the school nurse, you will receive a phone call and information on how to treat the problem.  It is confidential information but a letter may go home to the entire class informing other parents that they may need to be on the lookout for head lice in their own child.  Children, especially younger ones, are not embarrassed by this and will often share the information that they have lice with friends.  This is generally how rumors about head lice spread in school.

Head lice are extremely stressful on a family and require diligence to get rid of.  The school nurse has information on how to treat recurrences and additional resources needed.

Keep in mind that re-infestations are usually the result of incomplete nit (egg) removal.  We recommend combing the child’s head every night for 2 weeks, and doing a second medicated shampoo.   Remember, your school nurse is there to help you get through this.   Give her a call if you are feeling overwhelmed.