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Frequently Asked Questions

Free School Meals

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are meals free for all students K-12?

                Yes, meals, both breakfast and lunch meals are free for all students, kindergarten through 12th grade, at all White Plains City Schools, for the 2023-2024 school year.

What is considered a meal?

                A meal is comprised of an entrée choice and must include at least one portion of fruit or vegetable. An alternative would be any combination of at least 3 different food components, for example, a milk, fruit (apple or juice) and vegetable (Carrot sticks).

What items on the menu are included in a complete meal?

                All meals include all vegetable choices (hot vegetable, fresh vegetable sticks or toppings bar); all fruit choices (juice, fresh fruit, chilled cupped fruit); and a milk choice (white 1% or fat free; chocolate fat free)

If a student just wants a “drink”, can they take a milk or a juice at no charge?

                No. A single juice or milk is not a complete meal and would be considered an a la carte purchase.  A student would need to pay for the item or take additional food components to be considered a free meal. 

For example, a fruit, milk and vegetable would be considered a complete meal and would be provided at no charge.  A milk, juice OR fruit, without two other components, would cost $.75 per item.

Is a 2nd entrée or 2nd slice of pizza free of charge?

                No. Only the first, complete meal is provided free of charge, at breakfast and lunch.  If a student came back for a 2nd lunch meal or took a 2nd slice of pizza on their tray, the cashier would charge $3.25. These items, 2nd lunch and 2nd entrée are considered a la carte purchases.   

Who do I contact if I have any additional questions related to free meals?

                If you have questions related to free school meals, please contact the Food & Nutrition Program Office at 914-422-2054 or email Dawn McGinn, Food & Nutrition Program Director,