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Work Order System

Facilities & Operations - Maintenance Work Order System




Our Work Order System is an Internet-based work order management system that allows Facilities & Operations to manage incoming work requests. We strongly encourage the use of the Facilities Work Order System to schedule maintenance requests. 

To access please use the Work Request link below. Enter the work you want accomplished and the request is automatically entered into the system. You will receive email responses for the following actions:

  • Acknowledgment upon approval of the work request
  • When the work order is complete 

You may also use our Work Order System to access the status of your work request.

To access work requests, please click on the link and follow the directions below :

Login to Access Work Requests    



  • Log in to ML Work Orders

1.     Access the ML Work Orders login screen using the District        URL: 

2. Enter your Username (email address) and Password 

3. Select the Log In button 

  • Create a New Work Order Request: 

 1.     Log in to ML Work Orders. 

2.    Select the New Request button to create a new work order.

3.     Enter the requested information on the work order screen:

·         Request Type

·         Building

·         Space

·         Description

·         Time Room is Available

·         Problem Type

Note: Required fields display a red asterisk, you will not be able to proceed unless this field is completed. 

4.   Select the Submit Work Order button. 

The work order will now go through the approval process. You will be notified via email of any status changes to the work order. 


Useful videos

Submitting a Work Order Request – ML Work Orders  

Submitting A Facility Use Request – ML Schedules


If you experience any problems with the Facilities Work Order System, please call 914-422-2050 or send an email to