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Facility Use Request



Effective July 1, 2023, we are using Master Library for Facility Use Requests.  All requests must be submitted through ML Schedules provided by Master Library.  

Please view the Step-by-Step Guides below on How to Create and Submit a Facility Use Request through Master Library.  All WPPS employees will use their district email address and password to access Master Library. 

Log in to ML Schedules: 

1. Access the ML Schedules login screen using the District URL: 

2. Enter your Username (email address) and Password. 

3. Select the Log In button. 

Create a New Facility Use Request: 

All request types require three basic steps: 

1. Search spaces by date(s) for availability 

2. Provide additional information including the need for support personnel, equipment, etc. 

3. Confirm and submit your Request 

Submit Facility Use Requests: 

1. To Make a Request: 

Select the New Request button at the top of the screen, choose dropdown option, Add Event. 


Select Requests from the left tool bar, choose Submit New Request 

2. Enter the Group or User 

3. Select Site or Building 

4. Select Space or Classroom 

5. Enter Frequency, Date & Time 

6. View Availability to Confirm and Continue. 

7. The next screen allows for additional event details: 

  • Provide additional information,
  • Select require seating, equipment, and support staff,
  • Upload attachments

8. Select the Checkbox signifying you have read and agree to the district’s terms of use. 

9. Select the Confirm & Submit Request button to submit the Request for review and approval. 

10. A thank-you screen will confirm that your Request is being processed. You will be notified via email of any status changes to the work order. 


For more information please contact (914) 422-2050 or send an email to



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