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Audit/Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews and discusses topics related to school finances, and offers multiple perspectives on how the district financially supports its educational program. The council is comprised of Board and community members who possess financial, auditing, and accounting experience.

The Audit Committee oversees and reports to the Board of Education on the annual audit of district records. It is a sub-committee of the Finance Advisory Council. Specifically, the purpose of the Audit Committee is to comply with Chapter 263 of the laws of 2005, "The Five-Point Plan." The committee's role is advisory and any recommendations it provides shall not substitute for any required review and acceptance by the Board of Education.

Policy and Charter


Board: Dr. Randy Stein*, Ms. Rosemarie Eller, Mr. James Hricay

Community: Mr. Tim Donohoe, Mr. Craig Mondschein

Administration: Dr. Joseph L. Ricca, Superintendent of Schools; Dr. Ann Vaccaro-Teich, Assistant Superintendent for Business; Ms. Marcy Moscowitz, School Business Official


Audit/Finance Committee Meeting Calendars & Minutes