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World Languages (WL)

The White Plains World Languages (WL) Department is very proud to be able to offer the study of five languages. Students have the option to study French, Spanish, Spanish Language Arts, Italian, or Mandarin Chinese beginning in the sixth grade for a sequence which may lead to the Honors and Advanced Placement levels. Students also have the option to study American Sign Language when they attend the High School or start a third language romance language in high school by taking Accelerated French, Accelerated Italian or Accelerated Spanish. 

Our Core Values

We strive continually to raise standards and levels of language proficiency, to involve an increasing number of students in longer sequences of language study, and to encourage students to become multilingual. We believe that:

  • all students can be successful language and culture learners;

  • language cannot be separated from the cultural context within which it is learned;

  • language is best learned in meaningful contexts;

  • language learning is cumulative and must be continuous over a long period of time in a sequential developmental program;

  • language learning must begin with a strong foundation;

  • students must have many and varied opportunities for practice;

  • language development must be assessed frequently, over time, and in a variety of ways;

  • language development must be oriented to present and future use;

  • standards for communicative competence and cross-cultural skills must incorporate the dimensions of problem-solving, creative thinking, and students' awareness of how they learn best;

  • linguistic self-confidence and independence motivate students to become life-long learners.

Middle School

Students in the White Plains School District begin their study of language in grade 6. Children attending the Highlands or Eastview Middle Schools may choose from French, Italian, Spanish, Spanish for Spanish Speakers, Spanish Language Arts and Mandarin Chinese. 

High School

Students continue their language study at the high school where, upon successful completion of a locally developed Checkpoint B exam, may be eligible for Honors and Advanced Placement courses in their respective language. The high school also offers accelerated courses in French, Italian, and Spanish for those students who wish to begin the study of a second or third language. American Sign Language is also offered at WPHS. 

High School Course Catalog

NYSED World Languages Seal of Biliteracy

First page of the PDF file: infographic-nyssb-in-hudson-valley-region-2021-222

The NYSSB for Families FAQ