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White Plains Science Curriculum Grades 6-8

White Plains Science Curriculum Grades 6-8

In Middle School, students have the opportunity to explore the topics introduced in earlier grades in more depth and detail. Instruction is focused on helping students to understand important relationships, mechanisms, processes and applications of concepts, rather than on memorizing a body of facts. Key understandings are reinforced through laboratory activities in every grade.  Each unit is centered around a real-life phenomenon which is designed to engage students and help them generate questions that foster interest and relevancy.

All eighth grade students in White Plains take Regents Earth Science, leading to the New York State Regents Examination in Earth Science in June. This Examination comprises two parts: A Performance Examination, which is a hands-on laboratory skills assessment, and the Written Examination, a comprehensive, cumulative assessment containing both multiple-choice and constructed response questions.  Both the performance and the written components of the Earth Science Regents are given in June.  Both parts are required components needed for a complete examination grade.  Students who pass both the course and the Regents examination in Earth Science have their credit transferred toward their high school graduation credits upon entrance to the high school.  Students are also required to take a locally-developed final exam in preparation for the Regents exam.

Please use the links below to view the Science curricula implemented in the White Plains Middle School.

New York State Middle School Standards 

Please reference the physical science standards in the above document for Grade 6

Please reference the life science standards in the above document for Grade 7

New York State Regents Earth Science Core Curriculum