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Summer Assignments 2023

Students taking the following courses are required to complete a content-based summer assignment.  The content addressed by these assignments is material that was introduced in the prerequisite course(s).  The purpose of these summer assignments is to refresh your memory of foundational content and enable you to start the school year in these college-level courses ready to start strong and jump into new material quickly.  The course names below include links to the summer assignments for each course.

Please note that these are the ONLY science and engineering courses that have summer assignments this year.

Each summer assignment starts with an introductory letter from the teacher(s), which outlines the required work, the timeline, and how the assignment will count toward your grades in the course.  Please read this before jumping into the work.

AP Bootcamp will be held June 26-30, 2023.  The focus of the AP Bootcamp courses in science will be to assist you in completing the Summer Assignments by providing content and process guidance.  There will be separate classes for AP Physics and AP Chemistry, and there will be a combined AP Biology/AP Environmental Science class.  There is no AP Bootcamp for Anatomy & Physiology.