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Math Links


Algebra Homework Help
Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II problems and solutions, links to great algebra lessons.

Introduction to Algebra
Information about variables, expressions, equations, solution of an equation, simplifying equations, combining like terms, simplifying with addition and subtraction, simplifying by multiplication, simplifying by division, word problems as equations, and sequences.

Algebra Resource
Algebra lessons, links and homework help.

Algebra Problem of the Week
Archive of Algebra problems and solutions.

Basic Math Skills K-12

Basic Math Skills K-8
Explanations and interactive practice on a wide range of math skills.

Cool Math
An amusement park of math designed to make math fun.

General Math Lessons
Fun math activities and lessons at all grade levels.

Glossary of math terms and concepts for grades K-8.

Mathematics Center
Math-related resources that include professional development, intervention, data place, brain teasers, textbook support, math links, and projects.

Math Help
Information about basic math, algebra, study skills, math anxiety and learning styles.

Math Mastery
Online courses that include word problems, weekly family challenges and online flash cards are offered to increase student's understanding of math concepts.

Math Skills
Interactive games, flash cards, puzzles and worksheets to help students improve their math skills

Math Resources and Activities
Harcourt School Publishers offers lessons, resources, activities and glossary of math terms for grades K-8.

Math Review
Math review material from algebra to differential equations. Includes over 2,500 math pages filled with short and easy-to-understand explanations covering all areas of math.

Problem Solving
This site is dedicated to problem solving literacy.

Fraction Calculator
This site is interactive. It shows you step by step solutions for converting fractions into decimals.


Visual Calculus
A collection of tutorials complete with animations and movies that visually define terms, solve problems, and demonstrate how to use a graphical calculator.

Calculus on the Internet
Information covering all topics of calculus and pre-calculus.

Calculus on the Web
Comprehensive library of calculus topics.

The Calculus Page
Resources for the calculus student.

Ask Mr. Calculus
Worked problems, answers to past AP questions, annotated links for resources, references and help, and more.

Calculus Help
Tutorials, problems of the week, links, and more.

I Love Calculus
Comprehensive list of calculus links.


Math References
Reference tables, dictionaries, encyclopedias and history covering all areas of math.


Building Big
Explore large structures such as bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams, and tunnels and what it takes to build them.

Engineering Achievements
Information about the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th Century.

Family Math

Math Challenges for Families
Math activities and problems for the whole family. Spanish translation available.


Information for kids about these uniquegeometric figures.

Native American Geometry
Interesting information on a type of geometry, based on the circle, that has been used by Native Americans for over 2000 years.

Visual presentation of the complex and beautiful world of many-sided geometric figures.

Math History

A history and study of the art of calculating with beads.

Math History
Archive of math history topics.

Math Quotation
A collection of math quotations.

More Math History
Extensive biographical and historical information.


Fibonacci, Golden Section and Golden String Numbers
Comprehensive web site on these interesting number patterns.

Patterns in Math
Explore logic, number, and word patterns.

Patterns: Grade K-2
Hundreds of patterns students can identify, copy, and extend.

Puzzles and Games

The Grey Labryinth
Archive of math puzzles.

Knots viewed from a mathematical perspective.

Math Puzzles
Collection of math games, puzzles, quotes, and additional information.