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The following is a list of some resources that are most helpful to students.  The list is certainly not exhaustive, but it is a good place to start.  Please check back for updates to this list, and feel free to offer suggestions for additional sources as you find them.

WPHS Library/ Media Center

A great place to start if you're searching resources and materials is the high school's Library/ Media Center.  You can search both the library's on-line resources and the resources and services available in the library itself.  Our librarians, teaching assistants, and student volunteers are happy to assist you.

White Plains Public Library

Another valuable resource is the White Plains Public Library.  The WPPL and its staff have a wide array of services and materials available to support students.  Again, a visit to the library either virtually or in person will provide students with  tremendous support.  The staff, especially the youth librarians, are always happy to point our students in the right direction.


The core curriculum for our 9 - 12 program is SpringBoard; students have access to complete versions of their text books and other resources on-line.  Most students have already registered for and have been able to access their accounts.  However, if you are a new student or you are having technical difficulties, please see your English teacher.  You can follow these directions to register yourself and establish your account.

OWL (Online Writing Lab @ Purdue University)

Whether you're looking for help on using the MLA format, late-night grammar questions, or suggestions for improving the clarity and effectiveness of your writing, Purdue University's OWL site (Online Writing Lab) is a fantastic resource.