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PTA Council

2022-2023 PTA Council

Who are we?

PTA Council meets on a monthly basis throughout the school year. Per our by-laws, our purposes are to:

  1. Unify and strengthen the White Plains School District PTAs.
  2. Provide for the conference and cooperation of the PTAs so as to create a public opinion favorable to the interests of child welfare.
  3. Encourage child welfare projects in the PTAs.
  4. Promote the interests of the National and State PTA in White Plains.

As a Council, we bring our PTAs together along with our District administrators to share ideas, information and strategies. We invite the Superintendent and other speakers to share information on topics that may be of interest to PTA members, to seek PTA input on District policies and procedures, and to hear and respond to broadly-applicable concerns of PTA members. PTA Council also takes a leadership role in advocacy on issues affecting children, both within the District and in the larger public policy sphere. Council is a resource for PTAs and PTA members on issues that are broader than any one school. Council members spread the word to their PTA Boards and members when important issues require outreach and advocacy. 

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