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General Procedures/Data Collection

III. General Procedures/Data Collection

Since there must be accountability for all student absences, the following procedures must be followed:

· Parents must notify the appropriate school office by telephone on the morning of the student’s absence. If no such call is received for students in grades K-8 who are determined absent from school, the parents will be contacted.

· Parents must provide written documentation immediately upon the student’s return to school. The documentation must be signed by the parent and provide the reason for the absence.

· Student attendance will be taken each day at the elementary level and during each class period at the secondary level. *

· Student attendance information shall be compiled daily and provided to the designated staff member(s) responsible for attendance.

· The nature of all absences, tardiness or early departures shall be coded on a student’s record. *

· When additional information is received that requires corrections to be made to a student’s attendance records, such correction will be made in a timely fashion. Notice of such a change will be sent to the appropriate school personnel subject to applicable confidentiality rules.

· Continuous monitoring will be conducted to identify students who are absent, tardy, or leave school or class early.

· Student attendance data shall be available and reviewed by the designated school personnel in an expeditious manner, as well as periodically analyzed to identify patterns or trends. *

* These provisions shall take effect July 1, 2003.