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Dissemination and Notice

VII. Dissemination and Notice

To be successful in implementing this policy, it is critically important that all members of the school community are aware of its purpose and procedures, as well as the consequences for non-compliance. To ensure that students, parents, teachers and administrators are notified of and understand this policy, the following procedures shall be implemented.

· A summary of the attendance policy will be included in all student handbooks and in the district calendar.

· The attendance policy will be reviewed with staff and students at the start of each school year.

· Parents will receive a plain language summary of this policy by mail at the start of each school year.

· When a student is repeatedly absent, tardy, or leaves early from class or school without an excuse, designated staff member(s) will notify the student’s parent(s) by phone and mail of the specific problem, and remind them of the attendance policy and procedures.

· School newsletters and publications will include periodic reminders of the components of this policy.

· The district will provide a copy of the attendance policy to faculty and staff. New staff will receive a copy as part of their orientation process.

· Copies of this policy will also be made available to any community member, upon request.