• Physical Education

     The Middle School Physical Education Program provides students the opportunity to acquire both skills and knowledge in the areas of sports, fitness and lifetime activities.  One of our most important goals is for our students to become lifelong active adults.  The curriculum is designed to expose the children to a variety of activities and provide them with the skills and knowledge to pursue a “fit” lifestyle outside of school.  The White Plains Middle School Physical Education curriculum is designed to meet the New York State Standards.



    It is expected that every student show a positive attitude towards activity and each other.  Student participation in class is vital to the learning experience, therefore, students are expected to participate and contribute to activities and discussions.  All students need to try their best regardless of athletic ability.  It is also required that all students demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship at all times.



    Students will participate in a variety of activities such as sports, fitness, dance, and adventure.  Students will work on improving motor skills, fitness levels, and daily living skills (i.e. cooperation, communication, respect, etc.).  Understanding and implementing health related fitness concepts, game rules and strategies are also integral parts of the Physical Education curriculum.