DEUTSCH 4H/5H
    For the week of November 27-December 1: 
    For Monday 11/27: Complete first draft of your Berlin project #1.
    For Tuesday 11/28: Complete all missing assignments. Correct and/or type the assignments I gave back today.
    For Wednesday 11/29: Dative case: Lest bitte Seiten 50-51 im Lehrbuch (weiβ) und schreibt die Antworten zur Übung 1 auf Seite 52.
    For Thursday 11/30:
    For Friday 12/01:
    For the week of November 20-24: 
    For Monday 11/20:
    For Tuesday 11/21
    For Wednesday 11/22: HALF DAY
    For Thursday 11/23: THANKSGIVING
    For the week of November 13-17: 
    For Monday 11/13:
    For Tuesday 11/14
    For Wednesday 11/15
    For Thursday 11/16: Lektion 2, Arbeitsbuch, Seiten 13-14. Do ex. 5 on p. 14 on loose leaf and skip lines. Make use of the vocabulary we brainstormed in class on day.
    In class: Read pages 48-49 in white packet (TB) - the articles on Berlin. Answer the questions on p. 49 on loose leaf. In ex. 1, correct the statements that are false. In ex. 2, write complete sentences. 
    For Friday 11/17Do page 16 in the pink packet (WB). In section 2, write at least 10 sentences about the picture, which is of Berlin and the Brandenburg Gate. Research more information about this site online to have more things to say. Skip lines!!
    For the week of November 6-10: 
    For Monday 11/6:
    For Wednesday 11/8: Make corrections on your AP email assignment.
    For Thursday 11/9: Complete all corrections and make-ups. Last day!
    For Friday 11/10: VETERANS DAY
    For the week of October 23-27: 
    For Monday 10/23: Denk mal! packet: Read the article on page 29 and do the exercises 1,2, and 4.
    For Tuesday 10/24:
    For Wednesday 10/25:
    For Thursday 10/26:
    For Friday 10/27
    For the week of October 16-20:
    For Monday 10/16: 1) Prepare answers to the 3 questions in activity 5 on page 11 of your Denk mal! packet. Write bullet points so that you will be able to discuss these 3 topics on Monday. Include at least 3 concrete examples per question to support your opinions. 2) Write a 150+ word paragraph on ONE of the situations in activity 6 on the same page. 3) On Friday, you will have a TEST on all of the material we have learned thus far (Vokabeln: Persönliche Beziehungen/Kurzfilm und Grammatik: Word order/Present tense of regular and irregular verbs/Nominative and accusative cases, pronouns, possessive adjectives).
    For Tuesday 10/17: Seite 24 im Lehrbuch: Übungen 1 und 2. Seite 25: Übung 3 - Write 2 short sentences with each word in the list (there are 12 of them). The first sentence of each pair must use the word as the subject of the sentence; the second sentence must use the word as a direct object, using accusative case.
    For Wednesday 10/18: 1) Do chapters 3-4 in the grammar packet. 2) Study for the test! In class on Wednesday, you will translate sentences from English to German using the vocabulary and the structures of Chapter 1 to make a very emotional and heart-wrenching story about eine Beziehung zwischen zwei Menschen. You may use your notes and your chapter packets. No phones, though.
    For Thursday 10/191) Finish the worksheet from today (“die traurige Geschichte”) and 2) Study for the test!
    For Friday 10/20:PRÜFUNG!! (CHAPTER TEST)
    For the week of October 2-6:
    For Monday 10/2: Study for a quiz on the rest of the vocabulary (Beziehungen und Gefühle) on Monday.
    For Tuesday 10/3: Study the section on "Present tense of regular and irregular verbs" in the TB (pages 18-20) and the WB (pages 7-8) packets.
    Learn the conjugation of sein, haben, lesen, wissen, fahren, treffen, helfen, essen, vergessen, sehen, finden, arbeiten, ärgern, and werden. Here is the worksheet for writing down all the conjugations: WS-PRESENT TENSE VERB CONJUGATIONS.docx. I use an app called "Verb Forms Deutsch" with 3 circles on the icon in schwarz/rot/gold. "Leo.de" also has conjugations, as does "word reference.com".
    For Wednesday 10/4 If you did not conjugate all the verbs above last night, do them now on the worksheets I handed out in class. You need to memorize these verb conjugations. Also, do all the exercises on page 20 of the TB packet. Write your sentences in ex 3 on a sheet of loose leaf. Last, make sure you have finished pages 7-8 in the WB packet. Write your story in ex 6  on loose leaf and skip lines.
    For Thursday 10/5: Memorize the conjugations of these verbs in italics above.
    For Friday 10/6
    For the week of September 25-29:
    For Monday9/25: Finish describing the people on your worksheet from class today:PERSONEN BESCHREIBEN.docx.
    Also, study the vocabulary in Lektion 1 in the sections "Persönlichkeit" and "Familienstand". Vocab quiz on Wednesday - from English to German, but with a word bank.
    For Tuesday 9/26: Vocab quiz on Wednesday - from English to German, but with a word bank.
    For Wednesday 9/27:
    For Thursday 9/28: Review present tense verbs on pages 18-19 of your TB packet. Here ist the PPT: dnk2e_l01.2_strukturen-VERBS.ppt Do the exercises on page 20.
    For Friday 9/29: Do all exercises on pages 7-8 in the blue packet. Study for a quiz on the rest of the vocabulary, which will be on Monday.
    For the week of September 18-22:
    For Monday9/18: 1. Write out the questions for exercise 5 on page 17 of your (white) textbook packet and be prepared to do a role play (Rollenspiel) in which you are either an employee in a matchmaking company who has to interview clients or you are the client who wants to find a match.
    2. Memorize the vocabulary on page 4 of the textbook packet. Make either real flashcards or create a set of Quizlet flashcards or a Kahoot game. You must do one of the preceding suggestions. You will have a test on the vocabulary and on word order on Wednesday.
    For Tuesday 9/19: 1) Write a 100-word paragraph (SKIPPING LINES AND WRITING LEGIBLY OR, PREFERABLY, TYPING) about your best friend. Use the questions in exercise 4 on page 17 of your white packet to help you think of things to say. 2) If you have not studied the vocabulary or have not made your flashcards/Quizlet/Kahoot, now's the time to do it. Tuesday is review day. Test is on Wednesday.
    For Wednesday 9/20: Lernen, lernen, lernen! Vokabelprüfung! Vocabulary only on test. No word order.
    For Thursday 9/21: NO SCHOOL
    For Friday 9/22: NO SCHOOL
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