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    For the week of November 27-December 1: 
    For Monday 11/27:
    For Tuesday 11/28WS-reflexive verbs in passé composé: WS-p 51-ex 3-REFLEXIVE VERBS-PASSE COMPOSE.docx
    For Wednesday 11/29: Finish typing your sentences for your project, both the present tense ones and the passé composé ones. You will have time in the computer lab tomorrow to work on your PowerPoint. Don't forget: the sentences are all due tomorrow at the end of class. Her are the instructions and the rubric for the project: Project 2017-Routine Quotidienne-Instructions.pptx.
    For Thursday 11/30:
    For Friday 12/01:
    For the week of November 20-24: 
    For Monday 11/20:Pas de devoirs!
    For Tuesday 11/21
    For Wednesday 11/22: HALF DAY
    For Thursday 11/23: THANKSGIVING
    For the week of November 13-17: 
    For Monday 11/13:
    For Wednesday 11/15: WS-present tense reflexives-SENTENCES.docx
    For Thursday 11/16In class: Complete this worksheet to practice for the test on Friday: TEST PRACTICE-present tense.docx
    For Friday 11/17: Study for TEST on "la routine quotidienne". Corrections to in-class worksheet: TEST PRACTICE-ANSWERS.docx
    For the week of November 6: 
    For Monday 11/6:
    For Wednesday 11/8: Finish answering questions on "La Résidence Le Bon Repos": Le Bon Repos
    For Thursday 11/9: Memorize all of the reflexive verbs in the story above.
    For Friday 11/10: VETERANS DAY
    For the week of October 23-27: 
    For Monday 10/23: pas de devoirs!!
    For Tuesday 10/24:
    For Thursday 10/26:
    For Friday 10/27
    For the week of October 16-20: 
    For Monday 10/16: Start studying for a TEST on Thursday. It will include 1) Grammar: adjective endings/regular verbs/-er verbs with spelling changes/avoir-être-aller-venir and 2) Vocabulary: parts of the body/physical description expressions.
    For Tuesday 10/17: 1) Practice your dialogue and be able to perform it mostly without reading. 2) Do the packet that was handed out in class: VERBS WITH SPELLINGCHANGES-EXAMPLES-EXERCISES.docx
    For Wednesday 10/18: 1) Complete the worksheet on avoir and avoir-expressions. 2) Study the -er verbs that have spelling changes. 3) Review the verbs aller-être-venir. 4) Review adjective endings.
    For Thursday 10/19: STUDY FOR THE TEST! Review the parts of the body and and all "description physique" vocabulary and expressions (not clothes). If you have any missing homework or corrections you would like to hand in, give them to me tomorrow. After the test, I will no longer be accepting any of this work. 

    Here is the worksheet with the physical description sentences plus a list of the parts of the body you should be familiar with: la description physique.docx.

    For Friday 10/20: CHAPTER 1 TEST
    For the week of October 2-6:
    For Monday 10/2: Review the present tense of regular -er, -ir, and -re verbs. Here are the songs: Link to songs. Here is the powerpoint you saw in class today:Verbes Reguliers.ppt. Here is the worksheet to complete for Monday: WS-regular verbs.docx
    For Tuesday 10/3: Period 1: Complete the worksheet on regular verbs above. Periods 1 & 3:  Study for mini-quiz tomorrow on the conjugation of regular -er, -ir, and -re verbs.
    For Wednesday 10/4: Please review the powerpoint of the regular -er verbs with small spelling changes: REGULAR VERBS WITH SPELLING CHANGES; Please also familiarize yourself with the verbs on the list I handed out in class: LIST-ER VERBS WITH SPELLING CHANGES. Period 3: Continue conjugating the verbs in the packet that goes along with the PPT: If you weren't in class, you can print out the PPT and complete the conjugations there in the tables.
    For Thursday 10/5: Complete the worksheet that was handed out in class today - on -er verbs with spelling changes. Memorize the rules for these types of verbs.
    For Friday 10/6: Write an "autoportrait", a physical description of yourself, following the notes you took in class today: hair color, hair length, hair type, eye color, general appearance (size/body type), height, weight (You don't have to tell the truth if you don't want to!), if you wear glasses or contacts, and if you have any other "signes particuliers". SKIP LINES AND WRITE IN BLUE/BLACK INK ONLY. USE ONLY THE VOCABULARY AND STRUCTURES FROM YOUR NOTES.
    For the week of September 25 - 29:
    For Monday9/25: Complete exercises 1-3 in the WB packet: WB-ex 1-3.pdf
    For Tuesday 9/26: Complete all exercises in the worksheet that was handed out today in class: WS-ALLER-ETRE-VENIR DE.docx
    For Wednesday 9/27: Write a letter to Valérie. Page 7, ex 2. Model your letter after Valérie's letter on page 6. You must include 1) who you are 2)what school you go to 3) what you usually do on the weekend 4 ) what you do in you free time 5) what sports you do and 6) what you do during the summer. TB-p 6-lettre de Valerie.pdf 
    Review how to conjugate verbs in the present tense: Appendix-pp R2-R3.pdf
    For Thursday 9/28Review how to conjugate verbs in the present tense: Appendix-pp R2-R3.pdf
    For Friday 9/29
    For the week of September 18 - 22:
    For Monday 9/18:  Create a 3-frame cartoon. Créez une bande dessinée. 
    1. Dans le premier cadre, montrez ce qu’on va faire. (aller + infinitif)
    2. Dans le deuxième cadre, montrez ce qu’on est en train de faire. (être + en train de faire + infinitif)
    3. Dans le troisième cadre, montrez ce qu’on vient de faire. (venir de + infinitif)
    4. Ensuite, écrivez deux phrases sous chaque dessin qui décrire la scène. Essayez d’être créatif/créative, et/ou marrant/marrante!



    For Tuesday 9/19: Memorize the meanings and the conjugations for the following verbs: avoir, aller, être, and venir.
    For Wednesday 9/20: Complete the exercises from the workbook packet and be prepared for a quiz on the verbs avoiraller, être, and venir. Know how to conjugate them.
    For Thursday 9/21: NO SCHOOL
    For Friday 9/22: NO SCHOOL
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