• 9.21.2015
    Review irregular list of past participle on page 143 of Oggi in Italia.  
    Click here to view worksheet on passato prossimo.
    Test on 9.25.2015 
    Passato prossimo with essere/avere 
    Click here power point on passato prossimo with essere and avere.
    Click here worksheet and explanation on the passato prossimo.
    Translate the questions in to Italian using the imperfect.   
    Interview paper due on 10.15.2015.  Paper will be graded as a test. 
    Click here to view worksheet on common reflexive verbs.
    Click here to view worksheet on the imperfect . 
    Click here to view reading Ti ricordi.
    Click here to view power point on the passato prossimo vs. the imperfect.
    Click here Future 
    Click here for worksheet. 1.08.2014 homework ex. B from worksheet.