Post Road School has adopted a new approach to teaching.  It is called Responsive ClassroomResponsive Classroom is a research-backed approach to elementary education that increases academic achievement, decreases problem behaviors, improves social skills, and leads to more high quality instruction. 
    One belief of Responsive Classroom is that it is important to know children individually, culturally, and developmentally.  Another belief is that academic learning happens best within a positive social context. 
    The Seven Guiding Principals of Responsive Classroom

    1.  The social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum.
    2.  How childrean learn is as important as what they learn.
    3.  The greatest cognitive growth occurs through social interaction.
    4.  To be successful academically and socially, children need to learn and    
          practice specific social skills. 
    5.  Knowing the children we teach is as important as knowing 
         the the content we teach.
    6.  Knowing the families we teach is as important as knowing the children we  
    7.  How adults at school work together is as important as their individual 
         competence.  Lasting change begins with the adult community.
    Watch the video below to find out more about Responsive Classroom