• Kindergarten


    In today’s kindergarten classroom, the importance of developing listening and speaking skills cannot be overstated. The listening and speaking goals for kindergarten are designed to encourage the development of students’ communication skills. Children need skills in oral language to promote interpersonal relationships and to be successful in social situations. The ability to acquire and evaluate information and analyze situations is vital in the development of receptive and expressive language. The listening and speaking expectations for kindergarten students include the following:


    • look at speaker and be attentive
    • listen for understanding
    • listen and respond appropriately
    • echo and chant
    • listen and respond appropriately in social situations
    • develop auditory memory
    • begin to ask and answer questions correctly 
    • follow one and two step directions
    • give personal information
    • recognize when it is appropriate to speak
    • speak clearly with sufficient volume
    • strive to use complete sentences
    • learn to ask questions using 5W's & H (who,what, where,when, why,and how) words