Fifth Grade

    Students in the intermediate grades will continue their listening and speaking skills through classroom instruction and interaction, as they process information presented in the content areas.  Teachers in Grade 5 continue to plan and include activities that encourage students to become effective, articulate communicators.
    • listen respectfully and responsively
    • listen actively making and substantiating predications
    • recall details and take notes
    • retell a story in the correct sequence
    • listen and respond to three or more step directions
    • identify signal words for transition, contrast, cause and effect and comparison
    • attend to listening activity for an extended period of time
    • understand sequence words (before, after, later, then, simultaneously, etc.)
    • distinguish between fact and opinion
    • compare and contrast ideas
    • recognize signal words for transition, sequence, cause and effect and comparison and contrast
    • evaluate  speakers style of delivery (volume, demeanor, and tone of voice)
    • cooperatively listen, attend and recognize when it is appropriate to speak
    • listen actively, using social cues to predict, interpret and respond
    • respect and understand the opinion of others
    • use context clues to facilitate understanding
    • recognize the kind of interaction appropriate for different circumstances
    • recall and relate details relevant to the topic in a coherent manner
    • retell a story in  the correct sequence using  sequence transition words
    • speak and respond to three or more step directions
    • ask questions using the 5 W's and H words
    • synthesize information for recall and oral explanation
    • speak on a topic and use at least four relevant facts
    • respond appropriately to what is heard
    • compare and contrast ideas of others to own
    • express a complete thought
    • build and use a rich speaking vocabulary
    • express main idea and supporting details
    • speak in a clear, complete relevant sentences, using grammatically correct Standard English
    • use appropriate volume and voice inflection