girl raising her hand  

    Students in fourth grade will continue to develop their listening and speaking skills as they interact with other people both individually and in group situations, and process the information presented in content areas. Though the goals are the same for the intermediate grades, the materials and activities used and expectations for performance are higher at each successive grade level. It is important for us to include activities that will encourage students to become effective, articulate communicators.



    • listen respectfully and responsively in the listening position
    • listen attentively to recall details and take notes
    • listen for clues and signal words
    • actively listen to apply information appropriately for a variety of purposes 
    • listen and respond to three or more step directions
    • understand sequence words (before, after, later, then simultaneously, etc.)
    • attend to a listening activity for an extended period of time
    • distinguish between fact and opinion
    • form a personal opinion
    • cooperatively listen, attend and recognize when it is appropriate to speak
    • respect the opinion of others
    • participate in group listening experiences
    • use content clues to facilitate understanding



    • speak on a topic and support their ideas with at least four relevant facts
    • respond appropriately to what is heard
    • express a complete thought
    • communicate using appropriate vocabulary
    • compare and contrast
    • form and substantiate a personal opinion
    • distinguish, understand, and analyze the difference between fact and opinion
    • recall relevant details and apply appropriately to the task or situation
    • express the main idea and the supporting details
    • identify discuss and debate in order to problem solve
    • participate in group speaking experiences
    • speak in clear, complete sentences, using grammatically correct   sentences “Standard English”
    • progress as a confident speaker
    • use varied and descriptive language appropriate to the audience and situation
    • use appropriate volume for audience and situation
    • make presentations in sequential order formulated by information learned
    • use voice inflections which are interesting, expressive and animated