• Third Grade
    The main goals for third graders are to be respectful, attentive and responsible listeners who can listen for meaning, and assimilate facts and ideas.  With practice, third graders are also able to formulate appropriate responses based on the information heard.



    • listen respectfully and responsively
    • recall details
    • retell a story in the correct sequence
    • differentiate between a statement and a question
    • listen and respond to three or more step directions
    • attend to listening activity for an extended period of time
    • understand sequence words (before after, later, then, simultaneously, etc.)
    • distinguish between fact and opinion
    • listen, attend, and recognize when it is appropriate to speak
    • participate in group listening experiences




    • speak respectfully, responsively, and appropriately
    • speak in clear, complete sentences, using grammatically correct Standard English
    • recall and relate details relevant to the topic
    • retell a story in the correct sequence using sequence transition words
    • differentiate between a statement and a question
    • speak and respond to three step directions
    • ask questions using the 5W’s and H (who, what, when where, why, and how)
    • speak on a topic and support their ideas with at least two relevant facts
    • respond appropriately to what is heard
    • compare and contrast ideas
    • form personal opinions
    • provide relevant details to be clearly understood
    • build a lexicon of words that increases and enhances communication
    • use varied and descriptive language
    • use appropriate volume for audience and situation
    • gain confidence as a speaker