• Welcome to my link list.   Here you will be able to access all the wonderful information on the World Wide Web to help you have a successful year.  Enjoy!
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    Algebra Lab
    Its an online learning environment that focuses on topics and skills from high school mathematics that students must be able to draw upon in their introductory science courses. This site has lessons and activities.
    Cool Math Lessons
    This site has lessons on some of the major topics in Algebra I and II.
    This site has old Regents questions organized by topics.
    This site has some activities on both Geometers Sketchpad and the TI-Calculators.
    Purple Math
    This site has lessons on a lot of topics from Algebra I - PreCalculus.
    Regents Prep
    This site has old Regents exams, examples and resources for both teachers and students.
    Slide Share
    This site has Powerpoint presentations on many of the topics taught in a myriad of Math courses.
    Integrated Algebra
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    Absolute Value
    This site gives you sample problems and graphs the functions.
    This discusses and illustrates the different types of pyramids.
    System of Equations (Linear - Linear)
    This site has some system of equation word problems with solutions.
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    Coordinate Geometry Proofs
    This site will show you how to solve a coordinate geometry proof.
    This site has applets to demonstrate all the constructions needed for the Regents.