First Grade

    Children will need to be able to use their language skills in a variety of ways: to gain information for understanding, to respond to literature, for critical analysis, and for social situations. The listening and speaking goals for first grade are critical analysis designed to encourage the students’ use of oral language and to build a foundation that children will need to articulate their ideas effectively.  The listening and speaking expectations for the first grade students include the following:




    • listen to others to gather information to respond accordingly
    • demonstrate appropriate listening behaviors
    • listen for a variety of purposes
    • use auditory discrimination to recognize phonemic awareness (rhyming, alliteration, syllabication, and letter sounds)
    • follow one or multiple step directions
    • ask and answer questions in full sentences
    • develop auditory memory


    • make eye contact
    • speak clearly with sufficient volume
    • contribute ideas relevant to a topic
    • ask and answer questions appropriately
    • use language for a variety of purposes
    • speak in complete sentences using correct grammar
    • elaborate and expand upon an idea using descriptive language
    • express and support an opinion
    • make connections and share prior knowledge as well as personal experiences
    • retell and summarize familiar stories