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       Fall Spring 
     3rd  Paper Engineering Stop Motion Animation 
     4th  Coding Games for Social Justice Advertising our Video Games
     5th  Genius Hour  Create a Culture in Minecraft PE

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    3rd grade - Session 1 - Paper Engineering

    Students will explore visual-spatial directions and 3D rotations. For the final project, students will try to combine many pop ups structures on one page while creating a pop up card for someone they know.

    Grade 3 - Session 2 - Stop Motion Animation

    Students will imagine what fantastical things might happen when school closes and all the students go home. Their imagination will come to life through stop motion animation. Many of our lessons come from the Jacob Burns Film Center. The final videos will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel "Night at the Elementary School" and, of course, will be tweeted out #WPproud.

    4th grade - Session 1 - Coding for Social Justice

    Students will work in groups to code their own social justice video game using the Hopscotch app. The session will conclude with a playtesting session where students can invite a friend in for recess.

    Grade 4 - Session 2 - Advertising Our Games

    Students will be creating print and video advertisements for the social justice video games they designed in first session using digital collaging and green screen technology. Students will focus on how images match words.

    5th grade - Session 1 - Genius Hour

    Students will solve a real problem at their school with a visual-spatial tool (robots, stop motion animation, augmented reality, or Raspberry Pi) and will then make short, silent films about their solution.


    Grade 5 - Session 2 - Vanished Cultures

    Students will be creating complete cultures in Minecraft based on their biome and migration journey. Then, inspired by other vanished civilizations like the Mayans, they will plan and film the destruction of this culture for their machinima films. Final short films will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and some videos will be featured on the YouTube channel of our server host, Apex Hosting!


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     Image result for minecraft pe app We use this to create our cultures during the 5th grade spring unit. Minecraft is a sandbox game, which means it allows for ultimate flexibility and creativity! Students can rapidly experiment with ideas for their original culture.
    apex minecraft server This isn't necessarily an app but this hosting service allows large groups of students to create in one world at the same time. The teacher is able to start and stop the world. Students may also work on their creations from home! For more information check out their site: Apex Hosting
    Image result for schoology app Schoology is a learning management system. It is available as an app and as a website. Students will be able to view their assignments and benchmark lessons in class and at home!
    Image result for stop motion studio Using this free animation app, my third graders create original stop motion animations where they imagine what fantasical things might happen at school when everyone leaves for the day. The paid version has some really cool features including green screening! Check out my students' creations on our YouTube Channel: Night at the Elementary School. 
    Image result for hopscotch logo coding My 4th grade students use the Hopsctoch app to learn about coding. We use the tutorials available through this app to create a Crossy Roads game, which we then customize to include variables (timer & score) and conditionals (game over feedback message). Afterwards, students work in groups to create their own social justice video games geared towards a specific target audience. Check out these games on our individual school blogs!
    Image result for imovie ipad app How could my students survive without the iMovie app? We use this app for post-production editing on our 3rd grade stop motion animations, our 4th grade video game advertisements, our 5th grade silent innovation short films, and our 5th grade create a culture in Minecraft machinima films. A special shout out to the education department over at the Jacob Burns Film Center for their incredible teacher professional development program and engaging student lessons. sdfg