What is Read 180?
    READ 180 is an effective reading intervention program, that utilizes a comprehensive system of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development to raise reading achievement for struggling readers. READ 180 uses adaptive technology to individualize instruction for students and provide powerful data for differentiation to teachers.
    How does Read 180 work?
    The READ 180 Instructional Model provides a simple and clear organization for instruction and classroom activity.
    • Teachers begin Whole-Group Instruction that engages the entire class.
    • Then students break into groups and rotate through three stations for Small-Group and independent learning: 
      • Small Group Instruction
      • Software Station
      • Independent Reading 
    • Teachers end with Whole-Group Instruction that wraps up and summarizes the day's learning    
    Launch the Demo
    Are you interested in seeing the program for yourself?
    Please follow the link:
    Please make sure you hold your mouse pointer over "Student Components" on the left side of the page. It will launch a demonstration provided by Scholastic. It provides a thorough explanation of the program and it's benefits. It will give you a good idea of how the class runs and the benefits of the program. Have fun with it!
    Students: Are you interested in reading more about the topics you're covering in the software? Open an eRead.

    Follow this link:

    Your user name and password is the same one you use to access Read 180 in school.

    Happy reading!
Last Modified on September 16, 2013