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    Our Next Meeting:  

    March 7, 2012, 7 pm at WPHS Media Center.

    How Special Needs Students Are Impacted by New York State Testing Requirements

    Come Share Your Thoughts and Learn More About This Important & Relevant Topic


    ~~ Who We Are ~~

    The White Plains PTA Council Special Needs Committee provides an exciting venue for faculty, administration and parents to work together, share information and resources, and create an on-going dialogue about issues relating to students with learning differences and disabilities. The committee is not a separate special education entity (SEPTA), but rather a committee of the district-wide PTA Council. This is in keeping with our goal of addressing the needs of a broad range of students (not just those with an IEP) and our view of special education as part of the mainstream school community.

    ~~ Our Mission ~~

    To provide a forum for parents of children with special educational needs, teachers, service providers and administrators to communicate, become informed and support each other for the benefit of the school community.

    ~~ Our Goals ~~

    ·         To connect with other parents of children with learning differences.

    ·         To collaborate with parents, educators and administrators to share information on teaching children with learning differences.

    ·         To increase acceptance and inclusion of students with special needs and learning differences in the school community.


    Contact Information:

    Post Road School’s Special Needs Parent Rep: 

    ·         Caroline Furry, dfurrywitt@netzero.com, 949-3948

    ·         For Spanish Translation Assistance:  Carmen Cardona, 417-7161


    Office of Special Education (District Wide): 422-2041

    ·         Co-Director, Special Programs & Services, Susan Lecointe, susanlecointe@wpcsd.k12.ny.us        

    ·         Co-Director, Special Programs & Services, Joann Doherty, joanndoherty@wpcsd.k12.ny.us                     

    • Chairperson, Committee on Special Education, Elementary School,  Eliana Fernandez, efernandez@wpcsd.k12.ny.us

    White Plains PTA Council Special Needs Committee website:


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