• Assignments for all Rochambeau Alternative High School Students currently enrolled in Studio in Art Class:     Select three sketch ideas from the list.  Work on each sketch for 45 minutes or more.  You have 30 sketch assignments to choose from.  You can sketch in pencil or black ball point pen or colored pencils.   Completed drawing should show your ability to articulate value.  Value is an element of Art. Value is the lightness or darkness of a color.



    Leonardo DaVinci created over 10,000 sketches over his lifetime.  Many of his sketches during the 15th & 16th centuries were inventions that were transformed into real functional technology during the 20th century such as a helicopter and other flying machines.
    Here are some ideas you can sketch:
    l. Look at your face reflected on the surface of a shiny object such as a spoon, toaster, stainless steel coffee pot.  Sketch the image. Add contrasting values.
    2.Sketch an eye.  Instead of the iris, add a landscape. Include trees, animals, clouds, etc. Shade with pencil. Develop 5 different values.
    3.Arrange three related objects (3 kitchen items, 3 shoes, sports equipment, etc.) into a composition. Draw on one page using a light source and shading.   
    4.Sketch a view outside your window.  Add details. Include depth-foreground, middle ground,background.  Perspective-objects in foreground should appear large. background-small.
    5. Sketch three objects melting (Wicked witch of the West-Wizard of Oz-is fine!) 
    ice, ice cream, wax, etc.or three objects cracking into pieces: egg, glass, etc.
    6.Visit Youtube:  How to draw a hand.  Follow a step by step video on how to draw a hand.  After you've completed one, try another.  Drawing hands is a challenge.  Youtube makes it easy.
    7. Sketch a person in your family watching television.  Sketch chair or couch they are sitting on.  Include all details, creases and folds in clothing, light and shadow. 
    8. Google images of African masks.  Look up the Masks of the Benin tribe from Nigeria.  Study the forms of the masks. Draw them.  Draw their statues.  Be inspired like Pablo Picasso was.  
    9. Design a 2 door car for a major American car company.  The president of the company wants a car
    that would be a top seller to drivers between the age of 19-31.  Things to consider: safety features, technology-gps, etc.  What color?  Is it aerodynamic? How much would this vehicle cost?  Which colors will it be available in? Chrysler, Ford, Dodge, GMC,etc.
    10. Sketch a lunch size paper bag-Add light and shadow-create 6 different values from dark to light within this drawing.
    11. Google  Images: Michelangelo drawings for the Sistine Ceiling: Libyan Sybil & Delphic Sybil. Sketch the face, include 4 different values with pencil.
    12. Google Images of Leonardo Portrait Sketches. Sketch the Head of the Virgin. Include 4 different values in pencil.
    13.What would you see if you grew wings and flew over our town? Draw this image.  
    14.What would you look like if you suddenly became small? What would you and the environment around you look like? Draw it. 
    • 15. find a Plant, flower or tree. Plant can be inside your house.  You can photograph a flower with
    your phone or a camera.  Enlarge it. Draw veins,bark, leaves, etc. include 6 values with colored pencils.
    16. Look in a magazine or on the internet for your favorite actor, actress, musician, athlete.
    Draw this person.  Use pencil to shade with 6 different values. Value refers to light & dark.
    17.Google an image of a musical instrument you would like to play or that you play or played at sometime in
    your life.  Show the texture of the surface: example shiny, dull, dark, light, etc. Include all details.
    18. Draw a self portrait of you as an insect. It can be scary, beautiful, etc. butterfly, ground beetle, dragonfly, damselfly, catydid, praying mantis, ladybug, aphid, scarab, elm bark beetle
    Remember all insects have 3 pairs of legs, a head, thorax and abdomen. 
    19. Design a  bridge that would expand over the east river....not too far from the Brooklyn
    Bridge.  Would the bridge be for cars, trucks, trains, buses?  Google: Santiago Calatrava to see great examples of bridges.
    20. Draw a room without gravity.  Use black pen or pencil to shade.
    21. Google musicians: Make a detailed drawing Wyton Marsalis. Draw an instrument he plays. Shade carefully.
    22.Design a sketch of Rye Playland.  Make an advertisement that is exciting and interesting.
    23.Enlarge one of the monopoly game board pieces -dog, ship, boot,jockey-shade carefully. 
    24. Draw something you might see through a keyhole.
    25. Choose one architect from this list. Google Images: Architecture by : Frank Lloyd Wright (20th century), Frank Gehry (20th-21st century), Antonio Gaudi (20th century),  Donato Bramante (15th century), Fillipo Brunelleschi(15th century), Leonardo Da Vinci (15th century), Michelangelo Buonoratti (16th century), Christopher Wren (17th Century), Albert Kahn 1869-1942), Louis Kahn (1902-1974). View the images of the architecture they created: Example: Michelangelo designed the dome
    of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City(google this image), Rome, Italy.  Compare and contrast the architecture of the 16th century to an example of 20th century architecture example: The Fisher building in Detroit Michigan by Albert Khan(there are fabulous murals on the ceiling of the interior of this building-the Fisher Bros. spared no expense to have this building made).
    Design you own building using architectural elements from two different centuries.
    This counts as two sketches-research of architecture listed above should take 45 minutes. 
    26. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art website.  Click on collections.  Visit the drawing and prints  collection.  Click on  # 690-Anatomy of the Renaissance collection. View the drawings of Anatomy from the Renaissance.  Choose one Renaissance image and sketch it with pencil or black pen. 
    27. Study your feet and shoes. Create a strong thick and thin contour drawing of your shoes drawing from different angles. Include more than one drawing on the same page over lapping and filling the format. Pen or pencil.
    28.Draw bottles and cans. Have them crunched up for details in the reflections and folds of the metal. Include lots of detail and only show a small area instead of the whole can or cans. If it is a bottle, find an area that shows off the reflections and surface quality of the bottle.
    29.Draw or design a vehicle. This can be a car, spaceship, airplane, boat, motorcycle, bicycle or anything you want. Include details and make it big! Any media.
    30.Arrange personal objects.  Draw an extreme close-up of them.  Make your drawing touch all sides of the paper.  Top, bottom and sides.
    Sketch everyday....by the end of your sketchbook...you'll have a collection of art work that shows your artistic progression.   


Last Modified on March 24, 2022