• Research Assignment  

    l. Research the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Write about his architecture,

    education, work and struggles.


    2. Select a work of architecture by him.  Write about why you like this architectural

    work.  Which principles of design did he use to create this work?


    3. Google Images: Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Would you want to live

    in this house?  Why? Why not?  Which architectural style was used to create this

    work?  Can you visit this place?  Where is it located?


    4. Research Albert Kahn. Write a summary about his life and his architecture.


    5. Google Images: The Fisher Building in Detroit, Michigan.  Write a summary about

    this example of his architecture.  When was it created?  What is the architectural

    style he used to create this building?  Can you visit this building?  The Fisher

    Brothers paid to have this building created. What was their invention and contribution

    to the American automobile?


    6. Google Images: Select one example of architecture by Albert Kahn.

    Why do you like this architecture?  Where is it located?  Can you visit it?

    Which principles of design were used to create this architecture?


    7. Write a summary about the art history, world history and American history you

    Learned in art this year.  Include the following: Jeopardy games, lessons in class &

    research assignments you worked on at the end of each quarter.

     This summary will be graded based on the following: correct spelling , grammar,

    Content, details, art vocabulary, information about artists, American inventors,

    innovators, length.  This summary should be 250 words or more.


    “Be true to your work and your work will be true to you.”-Pratt Institute, Bklyn,N.Y.

    “To be good is not enough when you dream of being great.”-The School of Visual Arts , Manhattan, NYC

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