• Quarter 1 2016-Intro to drawing, watercolor techniques, Pointillism animals in landscape setting, Invasive Species throughout the U.S. mixed Media.  Intro to Jazz Portraits  Color Theory Rubric Studio in Art

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    Ms. Lorraine Trovato-Cantori
    Email Address: lorrainetrovatocanto@wpcsd.k12.ny.us
    Phone number: 914-422-2420                                            Image on Right: Banner of original painting
                                                                                               titled Chrysler at the United Artist's Theater
                                                                                                Yonkers, N.Y.

    Hello, my name is Ms. Lorraine Trovato-Cantori. I teach art to students in the Alternative Programs. I earned a B.F.A. Degree from the School of Visual Arts in N.Y.C. & a Master of Fine Art Degree from Lehman College, CUNY.  
    Art, The First Language.
    The first language of humans was the creation of images on cave walls, just as the first language of a child is drawing.  Art is the universal and basic language.  The inclination to express oneself visually begins early.  Its subsequent development is fundamental for every person and essential for our society.  This is the job of the nation's art educators.
    A few things to think about:
    What is the purpose of creating art?  Art is all around us.  Product designers make our lives easier by designing things to improve our quality of life.  From appliances to automobiles, the skills of artists were joined with engineers to bring ideas to fruition.  We express ourselves through the process of creating art.  There is no right or wrong answer, just many variations that each student can apply.  We are set apart by artistic styles and preferences.  We create a variety of projects in 2-D and 3-D.  It is through the process of creating drawings, paintings, and sculptures that students enrich their skills and learn to value their own uniqueness and to appreciate the individuality of others.  We learn about the world by exploring art history.  Art reinforces the subject areas... we explore art from around the world, visiting each continent and exploring each country via the Metropolitan Museum of Art web site.  Students have the opportunity to explore cultures that have shaped the world.  Click on Educational Resources to enter the Metropolitan Museum of Art website. Please take the time to visit the Museum of Modern Art, the DIA-Detroit Institute of Art and the Louvre to explore art and artifacts produced by various cultures throughout the world. 
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       Quarter 2: Monochromatic portraits of American  Jazz Musicians, Clay Pinch Pots, Clay Relief Sculpture.
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