Curriculum Overview



    Boy Reading

       Reading instruction in fifth grade focuses on learning to understand different genres of text, using text-based evidence to formulate opinions and ideas about text, and using a variety of reading comprehension strategies as we read to learn!

    Strategies include:

    *Close Readings for Deeper Understanding
          *Engaging in Book Clubs to Deepen Our Thinking about Texts and Interpret Themes
          *Tackling Nonfiction Text Complexity 
          *Reading Across Texts - Analyzing Information Presented from Different Sources
          *Researching Debatable Issues
          *Fantasy Book Clubs 

    Writing Pencil

       Written instruction in fifth grade centers on the Teacher's College's Reading and Writing Project units of study, supplemented with teacher created materials. Students keep their thoughts for all units in their Writer’s Notebooks. In many units, students follow the Writing Process of gathering ideas, nurturing these ideas, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Some units focus on building and practicing skills in a particular area and are approximately 1-2 weeks. Others focus on a set of skills and concepts resulting in a final published piece over 3-5 weeks. Students write pieces in many genres including:
          *Elaborating on theme and responding to literature
          *Narrative Craft 
          *Writing Skillfully to a Prompt 
          *Writing to Inform - Research-Based Informational Writing
          *Argument and Advocacy - Research Based Argument/Opinion Writing
          *Reading and Writing Across Texts
          *Writing Reflections 


    Kids Playing Math Games
       Math instruction in fifth grade is based on the EnVision Math program and teacher created materials and lessons. The math program is designed to foster hands-on learning, allowing students to discover the concepts and rationale behind their mathematical thinking as well as making serious time for mastering the skills required to be fluent mathematicians. These include reviewing the basic algorithms for the four major operations, reviewing and mastering basic number facts, and focusing on patterns and algebraic thinking that will help us understand the number system. Students study math vocabulary and work on building fluency with math facts in multiplication and division.  Students learn problem solving skills, multiplication of whole numbers and decimals, division with up to 2-digit divisors and dividing decimals, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers, volume of solids, classifying plane figures, coordinate geometry, measurement concepts, analyzing data and graphing.


    Social Studies
    Social Studies

       Social Studies instruction in fifth grade focuses on the Western Hemisphere, especially the United States of America and the North American continent. Students learn how to use various map skills, as they study the geography of the United States, Latin America, Canada, the Caribbean and South America. They also study and compare the governments of these locations. They look globally at human rights, specifically the rights of children, and at economic systems around the world. We also use Scholastic News to study current events.



       Science instruction in fifth grade centers on the FOSS science investigation kits and teacher created materials. Students take part in in-depth investigations of Chemistry, Energy and How We Will Power the Future, and Microworlds.


       Students in 5th Grade have a variety of ways to build their computer skills. Students visit the Computer Lab at Church Street School about once a cycle. We also run a LATI Classroom, which means students have access to technology daily. We will be learning to be responsible with our iPads this year as we learn to use them as educational tools, not toys.