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    Yes!!  It is important for the children to practice their reading skills on a daily basis. The words used in the homework packet each week are taken from the Most Frequently Used Word List which all first grade students are expected to learn how to recognize, read, and write by the end of the academic year.  Help children learn these words by having them write them 3 times each and create sentences with each word in their homework notebooks.  It would also be helpful to cut out the word cards, save them, and frequently review them throughout the year with your child.
     Put any school communication inside your child's Red Communication Folder.   This folder will be checked each day first thing in the morning. It is also important that you tell your child there is a note for the teacher or whomever. They need to become responsible for delivering necessary communications to school.
    **This Red Communication Folder differs from the Purple Homework Folder which is only collected once a week on the day when Homework is due.**
    Sometimes I put a star on a paper, sometimes a happy face and sometimes a  √checkmark. Errors are usually circled and/or corrected to show the children how to make the correction.  Sometimes, I will not make any teacher marks on a page because I want the children to learn how to edit and revise their own work, especially on written assignments.
    YES!  Due to the many food allergies at our school, we are not allowed to give out snacks to the whole class.  Please send your child to school each day with a small healthy snack such as crackers, cut up fruit or vegetables, cheese stick, etc. 
    (Remember, no peanut products please since this is a common allergy in our school!)
    We will celebrate all birthdays for the month on the last Friday of each month.  On your child's actual birthday, I will give him or her a special sticker an pencil.  I will contact you at the beginning of the month of your child's birthday to see if you would like to do something special to celebrate with us on the last Friday.  Some ideas include a parent coming in for a special read aloud or sending in stickers for the whole class.  Again, die to the many food allergies, it is difficult to share food as a class.  If we do have a group snack, please remember no food products with peanuts, milk or eggs.  Thank you in advance for helping to keep all of our children safe.
    How can I contact you directly?
    I am always available through Class Dojo. I also check e-mail several times a day and will try to get back to you promptly. The address is lauragreen@wpcsd.k12.ny.us.  Lastly, you can always send a note in your child's Red Communication Folder.