• Co-Presidents (2 Positions)


    LaTanya Wynter


    Kristyne Milazzo

    Works with Co-President to manage overall objectives of PTA


    ➢    Guides the board

    ➢    Plans and facilitates monthly PTA meetings

    ➢    Organizes the calendar of PTA events throughout the year

    ➢    Helps execute activities as needed


    *May be required to be at school during the day for this position.*

    Treasurer (1 Position)


    Sean McCahill


    The Treasurer oversees ongoing PTA finances. 


    ➢   Maintains permanent records to track unit funds and financial transactions

    ➢    Chairs budget committee and prepares annual budget for adoption by the association

    ➢    Pays all PTA bills as authorized by board or association

    ➢    Prepares reports for every board and association meeting and an annual financial report

    ➢    Ensures taxes and reports required by PTA bylaws, insurance or federal and state governments are completed and submitted by the due dates

    Secretary (1 Position)


    Tristes Dunn

    The Secretary records minutes from PTA meetings and board meetings.


    ➢    Takes notes during meetings, and emails minutes to board members

    VP Fundraising (2 Positions)


    1. Julia Garcia
    2. Dan Chaskes

    The Fundraising Chairs work with CSS volunteers, parents, students, staff, and oversee all of the fundraising activities for the CSS PTA.

    ➢   Attends monthly board meetings                               

    ➢   Works with CSS PTA to plan key fundraising dates

    ➢   Assigns duties to important volunteer positions (coordinators)

    ➢   Facilitates training for all volunteer coordinators.

    ➢   Drive the fundraising timeline

    ➢    Reviews all fundraising public communications Responds in a timely manner to staff and volunteer coordinator communications

    ➢   Provides periodic reports to the PTA Board regarding fundraising status

    ➢   Develops strategies to improve the CSS PTA’s fundraising abilities

    The Fundraising Chairs should generally be available by email and cell phone most of the time, be detail oriented, with strong organizational skills, and have a flexible enough schedule to be around before and after school frequently in order to oversee and/or collect items etc...

    VP Hospitality (4 positions)


    1. Tana Dellis
    2. Lauren Walsh
    3. Charlene Bodner
    4. Dympna Jerez

    The VP of Hospitality act as official hosts of the PTA in creating a welcoming atmosphere at meetings and events


    ➢    Works with committee and other chairman to organize and set up refreshments, food, decorations, registration, greeters and baby-sitting for PTA meetings and events

    ➢    Maintains hospitality supplies and equipment and an updated inventory for them

    ➢    Presents hospitality budget for approval at executive board meeting at start of the PTA year and monitor authorized budget

    ➢    Reports on hospitality plans at board meetings for forthcoming PTA events

    VP Class Parents  (3 positions)


    1. Jeanine Tiolo
    2. Jenny Smith


    Assistant: ?

    The role of the Class Parent VP is to recruit parents and train them on their roles as a class parent.

    ➢    Supports and builds community within the classroom

    ➢    Serves as a liaison between the classroom families, the classroom teachers, and the PTA             

    ➢    Supports CSS families to feel connected and part of our community

    VP Translations  (2 positions)


    1. Luna Gomez Lerida
    2. Opening


    For this position you need to be fluent in Spanish and English.  There are two different translation jobs. 


    ➢   Translate documents and fliers into Spanish.  This can be done via email.  You will need access to a computer and sometimes may have 3 translations in one day

    ➢   Orally translate PTA meetings and other events

    VP PTA Programming (1 position)


    1.    Candice Turner

    ➢    Works with committee and other chairmen to plan and organize programs for the school year

    ➢    Collaborates with principal, PTA president, other committee chairmen and campus student groups to coordinate, plan and implement programs

    ➢    Develops annual program calendar and presents it at PTA association meeting for adoption

    ➢    Publicizes approved program calendar using newsletters, website, social networks and school handbook

    ➢    Oversees and delegates volunteer recruitment for implementing and running programs

    VP Membership (3 positions)


    1. Jenny Smith


    Assistant: Jen Meegan

    The PTA membership coordinators work to plan the annual membership campaign. They are responsible for creating and implementing a membership plan, promoting membership throughout the year, collecting dues, and distributing membership cards.

    Obtain (from predecessor and unit president) and study the procedure book and other materials related to performing the duties of membership chairman/vice president:

    ➢    Membership campaign plans from past years, including goals, themes, calendars, budgets, final membership numbers, etc.

    ➢    Download or obtain the Membership section of the NYS PTA Toolkit to learn the basics of PTA membership, responsibilities, and campaign planning and available resources.

    ➢    Contact council or district PTA for current membership information, due dates, incentives and awards offered.

    VP Book Fair Co-Chair ( 2 positions)


    1. Opening
    2. Opening

    The Book Fair Co-Chairs are liaisons to our Scholastic representatives and work together to run the book fair. 


    ➢   Prepares flyers and posters

    ➢   Organizes volunteers

    ➢   Sets up fair

    ➢   Works cash register

    ➢    Deposits money

    ➢   Takes down fair.


    *The fair happens twice a year (in the fall and spring) and lasts about a week.  You may be required to be at school during the day for this position.*

    Communication Liaisons

    (3 positions)


    1. Kira Haftl
    2. Kelly Donovan
    3. Leslie Seguso

    Social Media ( Facebook/twitter)

    ➢   Photographs events

    ➢   Posts past and current events on social media

    ➢   Monitors members and conversations

    ➢   Fields social media comments and emails

    ➢   Uses #ChurchStreetPride



    ➢   Photographs events

    ➢   Writes a weekly eblast of upcoming events at CSS and in the community

    ➢   Uploads sign ups and flyers for printing

    ➢   Communicates with principal for monthly newsletter

    ➢   Sends out reminder blasts for special events


    Picture Day Coordinator (1 position)


    1. Jenny Fong
    2. Charlene Bodner

    ➢   Organizes and run the school’s picture day

    ➢   Develops and distribute picture day schedules

    ➢   Confirms arrangements with the photographer

    ➢   Makes sure that the teams are organized and on time

    ➢   Assists the photographer as needed

    ➢   Plans and manages a make-up picture day as needed

    ➢   Distributes pictures to the teams

    ➢   Makes arrangements with the photographer for the following year


    Qualifications and Desired Skills to be considered for the position of picture day coordinator, the applicant should:

    ➢   Be organized

    ➢   Have planning skills

    Multicultural/Spirit Week

    (3 positions)


    1. Latoya Serrano
    2. Opening


    Assistant: Dympna Jerez

    Plans a week of pride amongst our students. 


    ➢   Creates memories for our students by getting them excited and proud about their heritage, their country, and their school. 

    ➢   Creates, copies, and sends out flyers to students

    *Spirit week has been happening for years so many of these pieces are in place so you will not need to reinvent the wheel (unless you want to)!*

    *You may be required to be at school during the day for this position.*

    Merchandising/Spirit Wear 

    (3 positions)


    1. Jeannine Triolo
    2. Lauren Walsh
    3. Emily Walsh

    The Merchandising / Spirit Wear coordinators are responsible for organizing and selling our CSS gear. 


    ➢   Reports all profits to the treasurer and presidents

    ➢   Ensures that products are available for purchase

    ➢   Looks for new designs to make available to school

    ➢   Orders when quantities are low


    *Must be available at most if not all of PTA/school events for selling. Can work with previous chair to learn more about the position. *

    Carnival (4 positions)


    1. Leslie Seguso
    2. Kelly Donovan
    3. Stephanie O’Donnell
    4. Anita Gawde


    Heads a team of volunteers in planning and hosting the annual Carnival (held on a Saturday in April).


    ➢   Organizes crafts, games, decorations, food, silent auction, raffle baskets, publicity, volunteers, bike exchange, and any other creative ideas you may have 


    *Carnival has been happening for years so many of these pieces are in place so you will not need to reinvent the wheel (unless you want to)!*

    Halloween (3 positions)


    1. Eileen Quinn
    2. Andrea Plunkett
    3. Jen Skrzypek

    Works with board members and volunteers in planning Halloween Family Fun Night.


    ➢   Advertises

    ➢   Creates activities for the event

    ➢   Creates, copies, and sends out flyers to students

    ➢   Requests candy/food donations


    *Halloween Family Fun Night has been happening for years so many pieces are in place so you will not need to reinvent the wheel (unless you want to)!*

    Author Visits (1 position)


    Ben Talbot (CSS Librarian)

    ➢    Coordinates with children’s book authors to visit the school

    Challenger Newspaper (2 positions)


    1. Opening
    2. Opening


    Bring back our school newspaper!  Work through the writing process with students (plan, edit, revise…) and support them in writing features and articles in a layout that makes sense.  You will need to set up time to supervise participating students and get the paper sent to the printer.  Every Student will get a copy of this paper! 


    *You may be required to be at school during the day for this position.*

    Garden/Courtyard Liaison

    (4 positions)


    1. Deb Benge (1st grade teacher)
    2. Dan Chaskes
    3. Opening
    4. Opening

    Be part of the green movement!


    ➢   Harvest Drive

    ➢   Coordinates and organizes the Gardening Club with Mrs. Benge.

    ➢   Does weeding, projects, gardening

    ➢   Possibilities for fundraising

    ➢   Coordinates events and learning opportunities with outside organizations such as Stone Barns, local farms and CSAs


    *You may be required to be at school during the day for this position.*

    Teacher Appreciation (2 positions)


    1. Angela Downey
    2. Opening

    Help celebrate our fabulous teachers!  Plan and organize teacher appreciation events.  Events can be theme based.  There are 3 big events already in place, and board members can provide you with information so that you don’t have to start from scratch. 

    The events already in place are:


    ➢   October staff or lunch provided by our hospitality committee that you may want to contribute effort towards

    ➢   Holiday gifts given to the entire staff

    ➢   Teacher appreciation week in May - Plan and organize events to thank the staff at CSS

    ➢   Have fun and be creative! 


    *You may be required to be at school during the day for this position, but you can recruit people to help out.*

    School Directory (1 position)


    1. Opening

    Develops and produces a directory for CSS families.  You need to be comfortable with computers and possibly use excel to create the directory. 

    PTA Council (2 positions)


    1. Adrienne Loran
    2. Liz Interligi


    If you want to be in the know, this is the job for you!  Be one of our liaisons to the district PTA council. 


    ➢   Updates our CSS PTA board as to what is happening around the district

    ➢   Attends monthly meetings that include school reports and information about challenges, curriculum changes, and proposals


    *Discussions include issues that are district-wide and state-wide.*

    Volunteer Coordinator (1 position)


    1.  Peter Gentile

    ➢   Prepares a volunteer database with information from a volunteer form that was given to all families

    ➢   Shares the database with all committee chairs and board members so they can reach out to people as needed

    Budget Rep (1 position)


    1.    Jeannine Triolo


    ➢   Attends two budget forum meetings the district organizes to discuss the upcoming budget prior to the district-wide vote

    ➢   Provides a written summary of the details of the proposed budget and share with board members

    Teacher Grants (1 position)


    1. Nicola Coombs - Simpson

    2.    Opening


    ➢   Reaches out to teachers to have them get an opportunity to get materials or services for their classroom.

    ➢   Stays within budget

    ➢   Sets guidelines and deadlines for the teachers to request

    ➢    Submits to PTA treasurer for payment


    *Previous teacher grant liaison will give a rundown of rules*

    Box Tops Coordinator (1 position)


    1. Jenny Fong

    Box Tops for Education Coupons are on many different products and are worth 10 cents each to our school!  This money can add up quickly and is used for technology and other gifts to CSS.


    ➢   Collects Box Tops and submit to General Mills

    5th grade Committee (4 positions)


    1. Stephanie O’Donnell
    2. Liz Interligi
    3. Opening
    4. Opening

    The fifth grade committee is responsible for working together to coordinate fundraisers and events throughout the year.


    ➢   Yearbook

    ➢   5th grade T shirt

    ➢   Fundraise for the 5th grade events/trips

    Special Needs Parent Liaison

    (1 position)


    1. Pam Tumminello

    The Special Needs Parent Liaison is a resource for parents of children with special needs, or who are getting classified.


    ➢   Supports parents

    ➢   Answers questions or concerns

    ➢   Notifies parents about workshops and coffee talks with the assistant superintendent.


    Talent Show ( 2 positions)

    1. Jaleelah Cooke
    2. Therese Chang


    ➢   Coordinates the talent show for grades 3-5

    ➢   Sets up rehearsal date and time(s)

    PARP – Family Reading Night & Read –a- Thon (3 positions)


    1. Jen Meegan
    2. Kelly Donovan
    3. Lisa Kelly
    4. Pam Tumminello

    Family Reading Night:

    ➢   Works with the Reading Teacher (Oustatcher) to select a date for Family Reading Night

    ➢   Requests parent volunteers to read, reach out to the WP Library for a librarian to read

    ➢   Organizes rooms with readers and groups of children

    ➢   Provides cookies & water for all participants


    PARP Read-a-Thon

    ➢   Creates Read-a-Thon Packets (info sheet,tally sheets & calendars) to be passed out to each child

    ➢   Leads assemblies for children (k/1, 2/3, 4/5) to introduce Read-A-Thon, model reading log, show prizes

    ➢   Selects prizes for top fundraisers & all participants

    ➢   Sets deadline for Read-A-Thon, collect forms & money.

    ➢   Chooses winners

    ➢   Announces winners at Morning announcements

    Multicultural Dinner (1 position)


    1. Melissa Tomlin

    ➢   Coordinates the annual multicultural dinner

    ➢   Sets date/times

    ➢   Sends out flyers.


    *Only required to be at the school the evening of the dinner*

    School Assemblies (1 position)


    1. Jen Demilio

    ➢   Coordinates the assemblies for the school year.

    ➢   Sets schedule


    *May need to be present at the school or get volunteers to help*

    Chess Coordinators (2 positions)


           1 . Opening

           2. Opening

    The Chess Coordinators organize the chess program for the school, which consists of 2 ten session classes for students during lunch recess.


    ➢   Coordinators partner with school administrators, chess organization (national scholastic chess foundation) and parent volunteers to run the program.


    ➢   Key responsibilities include: Determine Schedule, Manage Registration Process, Assist in Scholarship Selection, and Managing Weekly Chess Coordination & Communication (ie identify room assignments, coordinate parent volunteers and chess instructors day of class


    Coding (1 position)


    1. Melissa Ruff

    The Coding Coordinator is responsible for scheduling and assisting the instructor for three 8-week coding sessions for grades 4 and 5.


    ➢   Arranges the programs

    ➢   Confirms dates and grade participation with the principal and assistant principal

    ➢   Creates, photocopies, and distributes flyers

    ➢   Coordinates payment for the program with the PTA treasurer


    *Must have computer language skills*

    Yoga (1 position)


    1. Jamie Stabile

    The Yoga Coordinator is responsible for scheduling multiple yoga programs for grades k-5 throughout the school year.


    ➢   Arranges 4-8 week programs with the yoga instructor

    ➢    Confirms dates and grade participation with the principal and assistant principal

    ➢   Creates, photocopies, and distributes flyers

    ➢   Coordinates payment for the program with the PTA  treasurer

    ➢   Organizes parent volunteers to be present during yoga instruction

    Mad Science (1 position)


    1. Jeannette LaMarca

    The Mad Science Coordinator is responsible for scheduling multiple Mad Science programs during lunch and recess for grades k-5 throughout the school year.


    ➢   Arranges the programs with  Mad Science

    ➢   Confirms dates and grade participation with the principal and assistant principal

    ➢   Creates, photocopies, and distributes flyers

    ➢   Coordinates payment for the program with the PTA  treasurer

    ➢   Organizes parent volunteers to be present during Mad Science instruction

    Birthday Board (1 position)


    1. Opening

    ➢   Displays the monthly birthdays on a whiteboard for everyone to see as they enter the cafeteria.

    Teacher Liaison (1 position)


    1. Joan Cruz (CSS K teacher)

    The Teacher Liaison is the liaison between our PTA and the teachers at CSS.


    ➢   Supports a working relationship between the teachers and the PTA at CSS

    ➢   Attends PTA meetings

    Valentine’s Day Dance (3 Positions)


    1. Julia Garcia
    2. Kira Haftl
    3. Nicole Savino

    ➢   Works with board members and volunteers in planning this annual event.

    ➢   Advertises

    ➢   Sends out flyers to students

    ➢   Requests candy/food donations

    Welcome Committee (6 positions)


    1. Chrissy Dold
    2. Kira Haftl
    3. Nicole Savino
    4. Charlene Bodner
    5. Jenny Smith
    6. Opening


    The Welcome Committee serves as a resource for families. 


    ➢   Participates in school Tours

    ➢   Participates in Kindergarten Round up

    ➢   Participates in Kindergarten Play dates

    ➢   Supports families

    ➢   Answers questions through email and phone conversations


    Wellness & Mindfulness

    (3 Positions)


    1. Misty Tsapatsaris
    2. Jen Meegan
    3. Kira Haftl


    Coordinates healthy active family events


    ➢   Family Fitness Night

    ➢   Wellness Week

    ➢   Possibly present at PTA meetings

    Family Picnic/Bingo (2 positions)


    1. Christina Spano
    2. Opening

    ➢   Plans and coordinates the back to school and end of year picnic/bingo

    ➢   Sets dates/ times/locations

    ➢   Sends flyers

    ➢   Everyone brings their own food/drinks


    Movie Night

    (3 Positions)


    1.    OPENING

    2.    OPENING

    3.    OPENING

    Coordinates & Plans Movie Night


    ➢   Pick a movie

    ➢   Update & send flyer

    ➢   Organize RSVPs

    ➢   Organize volunteers for event to check in and out students


    (1    Position)


    1      Jen DeMilio


    Organizes Pre-Orders of School Supplies with Supplies to Please


    ➢   Coordinate with principal and teachers upcoming supply lists for the following year

    ➢   Confirm pricing per grade

    ➢   Create & distribute flyers with set deadline for pre-order

    ➢   Week of new school year – organize volunteers to distribute supplies to teachers (teacher lists via admin)


    (1-2 Positions)


    1. Liz Interligi

    2. OPENING


    The Robotics Coordinator is responsible for scheduling multiple Robotics programs for grades k-5 throughout the school year.


    ➢   Arranges 6-8 week programs with Happy Code Club

    ➢   Confirms dates and grade participation with the principal and assistant principal

    ➢   Creates, photocopies, and distributes flyers

    ➢   Coordinates payment for the program with the PTA  treasurer

    ➢   Organizes parent volunteers to be present during robotics instruction