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    In Art Class...
        Children are given a place to express themselves freely and openly.  Art gives children a place to build self-esteem and be successful.  It is a place where dreams can come true. The visual arts foster the child's creativity, uniqueness and interaction with the community and environment. Art work is on display throughout the building. These displays help to enrich each child's experience of his/her own self-expression. The children's ideas and imaginations are valued and appreciated in the art classroom. During our time together we hope that our children realize the creative potential within them and value it in others. Art makes a difference in every child's life. 
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    In Music Class...
       Students will first develop their musical ear (the ability to hear and think music) by singing, playing instruments, playing musical games, and learning group dances.  Students then begin to develop the ablity to analyze the music they are making and will eventually be able to write down the rhythmic and melodic patterns that they hear.  Once a student has reached that level he or she will be able to create music and write it on their own.  These student compositions are simple at first but over time they can become more complex.   
       As students learn to read and write music they will also learn to use their singing voices in a healthy way.  Students will be able to perform increasingly complex dances and will practice playing several different types of instruments including: xylophones, small percussion, autoharps, recorders and drums while they are in general music.  Learning music can be just as demanding as learning how to read but students develop a love for it through fun activities and encouragement from their teachers and families.  Making a musical child requires surrounding them with high quality musical experiences both in school and at home. 
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    In Instrumental Music

                The emphasis in fourth grade is on learning the basics-how to hold the instrument, how to make the correct sounds, and how to read music.  Every fourth grader gets a lesson one time per cycle in a mixed instrument grouping.  Flutes and clarinets are grouped together, as are violins and violas, cellos and basses, and trumpets and trombones.  Fourth graders do not have a formal evening performance, but will be tested on their ability to correctly play certain songs by the end of the year. This is a district requirement to remain in the program for fifth grade.

                The emphasis in fifth grade is on ensemble playing.  The string students are in the Orchestra, led by Ms. Siegler, and the woodwind, brass and percussion players join the Band, conducted by Mrs. Luck.  Band and Orchestra meet during the school day at the student’s music class time, which is two times per cycle.  The children will still get one group lesson in addition to the full rehearsals, but in larger groups than in fourth grade.  The children perform in two concerts- one in December, and one in the Spring, and every instrumentalist has the option of also being in the Chorus.

                We are very proud of our Band and Orchestra students at Church Street School, who year after year give wonderful performances for their parents and friends!

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    In Physical Education...
       Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity, and maintain personal health. Students will acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment. Students will understand and be able to manage their personal and community resources.
       Physical Education is such a vital branch of education that is necessary for our children’s growth and development from youth until our elder years. The human body is made for exercise and it must be maintained and developed by proper diet and physical activity.

       It is important that we continue to teach our children at an early age the knowledge and skills of exercise and overall wellness.