• Office of Management and Information Systems (MIS)

    The Office of MIS oversees all of the computer networking, telephones, information and instructional data systems, eMail, cloud computing, Office 365, Schoology, file storage and security, usernames and passwords, along with maintenance, purchasing and installation of all of the classroom and office based technology equipment. We have an enterprise level network for our LAN and WAN and Wifi networks and we believe customer service to our staff, students and parents to be of utmost importance and continuously strive to meet the ever changing dynamics of educational technology hardware and software.   

    Director of MIS

    Mr. Ron Velez, MPA, SDL, SBA
    Director of Management and Information Systems & CIO
    Microsoft Innovative Educator  
    Phone: 914-422-2480
    Twitter: @RonVelezDOT  
    Helpdesk (staff only)

    MIS Team
    Angelina Garbutt
    School Technology Coordinator
    Microsoft Innovative Educator
    Phone: 914-422-2367
    Greg Matera
    BOCES Network Administrator
    Phone: 914-422-2304
    John Curry
    BOCES Project Manager and VOIP Telephone System support  
    Phone: 914-422-2308 
    Nick Maratos
    Database Manager 
    Phone: 914-422-2210
    Eric Beldoch
    School Technology Specialist (Databases) 
    Phone: 914-422-2372
    Steve MacPherson
    PC Network Specialist
    Phone:  914-422-2316

  • Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                  



    1.       How can I get new software on my computer?

    Complete a software request form (located on the S drive) and send the form to Lucy Roman

    2.      How do I get my broken hardware fixed i.e. monitor, printer, keyboard, document camera, etc. 

    Call the help desk. The Help Desk form is an icon on your desktop. Fill in the form and submit your information.

    3.   My Whiteboard isn’t working and I know how to use it. What do I do?

    Call or complete the Help Desk form. See above for Help Desk application location.

    4.   I don’t know how to use my new Whiteboard? What do I do?

    Contact your building level computer lead teacher

    5.   I am locked out of my account.  What do I do?

               Infinite Campus-  Email: ic@wpcsd.k12.ny.us

               Schoolwires - Place a helpdesk call
               Remote Access - Place a helpdesk call
               PerformancePlus - Place a helpdesk call
               Scholastic - Place a helpdesk call
               Imagine Learning - Place a helpdesk call
               Data Warehouse - Place a helpdesk call
               Rubicon Atlas - Place a helpdesk call
               Destiny - Place a helpdesk call    
               Castle Learning - Place a helpdesk call
               nVision   - Email Ann Vaccaro-Teich
               Naviance - Email Sara Hall

    6.      My desk phone doesn’t work. Who do I contact?

    Email  John Curry

    7.      The K-12 Alerts call out isn’t working or I can’t log in.

    Place a helpdesk call

    8.      My iPad isn’t synching/working.

    Contact the Help Desk

    9.      My District cell phone isn’t working. Who do I contact?

    Contact Facilities and Operations

    10.   I need a new District cell phone.

    Contact Facilities and Operations

    11.  My home cell phone won’t get my work emails.

    Click here 

    12.  I don’t have Interwrite on my computer and my computer is not connected to a Whiteboard.

    Place a helpdesk call

    13.  I can log into my computer, but I can’t operate the following:

    Infinite Campus Information  Email: ic@wpcsd.k12.ny.us

    DRA - Place a helpdesk call

    Achieve 3000 - Place a helpdesk call

    SuccessNet - Place a helpdesk call

    Destiny - Email Lucy Roman

    Schoolwires - Place a helpdesk call

    Ensemble - Email Lucy Roman

    nVision - Email Ann Vaccaro-Teich

    Winsnap - Email Ed Marra

    MyLearningPlan - Email Bridget Parker

    AESOP - Email Bridget Parker

    IEP Direct - Email Kathy Contrata

    TimePiece - Contact Business Office

    Student Registration - contact Family Info Center

    Facilities Work Order -  Contact Facilities and Operations           

    Learning.com - email Lucy Roman

    On-line Resources -  email Lucy Roman

    Scholastic Read 180/Sys 44/E21-  Place a helpdesk call

    14.  Where do I get the online resources?



    15.  Who do I speak to about technology professional development?

    Contact Lucy Roman

    16.  How can I have access to websites that are blocked?

    Place a helpdesk call

    17.  I must have software and/or hardware setup for a PD session, who do I contact to setup the equipment?

    Place a helpdesk call

    18.  The projector bulb blew out, how do I get it replaced?

    Place a helpdesk call

    19.   iPad not working   Place a helpdesk call