• Welcome to our Consultant Program for Team 7B (SAL Class) Click key to learning  

    All of our Consultant students attend our Support for Academic Learning Class ( SAL), three out of the six day cycle. One group is seen on S days, another group is seen on M days. Our class daily agenda is as follows:
    1) It is mandatory that all students come to class with their HOMEWORK PLANNER.
    2) A DO NOW assignment is given every single day. All students work on a DO NOW which is pertinent to a concept focus of the day.This is usually completed in their notebooks.
    3) A review of a concept/topic which needs to be revisited is retaught in our setting. This gives students an opportunity to ask questions about areas that may not be clear to them.
    4) The class time is broken up as follows: First 20 minutes is dedicated to skill and concept reinforcement. The remaining 20 minutes will center around  putting the skills and concepts learned to practice by completing homework assignments and/or projects.
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