• Classroom Expectations
    Students are expected to follow the following ROAR guidelines:

    ROAR Tiger


    • Follow directions the first time given
    • Actively listen to others
    • Respect everyone’s ideas and feelings


    • Copy HW in planner
    • Come to class everyday with the necessary materials
    • Use planner and team calendar to stay organized


    • Raise hand if you have something to share
    • Listen to other’s opinions
    • Help students and accept help from others


    • Stay focused on instruction
    • Be accountable for your work
    • Get to class on time



    Supply List    Supplies
    Below is a list of supplies. This information will help you & your child prepare for a successful academic year. On the first day of school, students should have planners, pencils & paper. Other supplies are needed for the following week. Please check and refill supplies at the beginning of each marking period. You may even want to pick up additional pencils, pens & paper for students to store in their locker.

    All students should purchase the official WPMS planner, available at the school
    An accordion-style organizer with subject tabs  
    Loose leaf paper

    #2 pencils with erasers & a supply of pens (blue and black)

    Small pencil sharpener 

    Plastic pen/pencil case


    Colored pencils

    Glue stick

    3 X 5 index cards

    FOR ELA and Critical Literacy:

    A supply of “post-it” notes, 3” X 3” or smaller

    Flash Drive