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    Here are some commonly asked questions regarding your child's health and well-being in school. Please do not hesitate in contacting your child's school nurse with any questions or concerns.
  • Does my child need a physical examination each year she/he is in school?

    No. A physical examination is required only in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth, and eleventh grades  
    What happens if I don’t take my child for a physical exam?

    If there is no proof that your child has had a physical exam performed outside of school and s/he is in one of the grades listed above, s/he will be examined by the school physician at some point during the year. The exam done in school is brief and in no way is meant to take the place of a comprehensive exam done by a health professional who is familiar with your child.
    If I'm new to the area and have no doctor or if I can’t afford a private physician, where should I go?

    Your child’s school nurse will be happy to tell you about resources in the area.  The phone numbers for all of the school nurses are listed at the bottom of this page.