Quarterly Grading Policy


              Each Student’s quarterly grade will be based on a variety of different elements including:


      Class Participation:   10%

      Homework:               25%

      Assessments:           65% 



    Homework Rubric/Grading Policy

    Class Participation Rubric


              It is extremely important that students attend class regularly and do their homework on a continuous basis in order to reinforce important information learned. When students are absent, they may refer to the "notes binder" in the back of the classroom.  The binder is divided by units of study and each unit is organized by date. Finally, the homework is graded on a check system.  Please see attached handout rubric for the homework policy.  Note that a MISSING HW is recorded as a 40%.

              Quizzes will generally be given 2-3 times a quarter, and will include material taught recently. These quizzes will be of great assistance to the students when they prepare for unit exams.

              Projects will vary depending on the unit. Also, projects may include DBQs or thematic essays in order to help prepare students for the high school and make them proficient writers.
              There will be approximately 2-3 tests per quarter.  Students will be given a review packet at least 5 school days in advance of the test.  Furthermore, students should use their notes to complete their review packet.  If students are unsure if their notes are organized or if they might be missing their notes, they may refer to the "notes binder" in the back of the classroom.  Also, there will be a quarterly each quarter in addition to unit exams.