• Rosana López's Biography
    I have been at the White Plains school district since I was nine years old!  I was a student at Post Road Elementary School, Highlands Middle School and White Plains High School!  I graduated from Manhattanville College (undergrad major: Romance Languages-Spanish/Italian, minor: Latin American Studies) (Masters: MAT foreign language: Spanish)
    Cultural Background
    I was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico and moved to New York when I was two years old.  I grew up in a predominantly Spanish speaking household.  I attended an elementary school in Yonkers that had a dual language program, so I became literate in both English and Spanish at a very early age.  When I reached Highlands Middle School I studied Italian in the eighth grade and continued taking Italian in High School and College.  I had the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program in College where I had the opportunity to live and study in the American University of Rome.  While living in Rome I was able to further enrich my European cultural experience by going to France and Spain.  Other countries I've had the honor to visit are Perú, Colombia, México, Dominican Republic, Aruba and the Bahamas.  
    Contact info
    Phone: (914) 422-2092
  • did you know

    …This is my 14th year teaching at White Plains!

    …I graduated from Highlands Middle School too! click here to see a pic
    …I speak Spanish and Italian.

    …I enjoy translating for people and translating documents.

    …I love event planning (especially weddings!)

    …I always host student teachers from Manhattanville College.

    …I taught myself how to play the piano and “el cuatro” (Puertorican folkloric instrument). click here to see a pic
    …I used to be in a musical group “Conjunto El Coquí.” click here to see a pic
    …I love salsa music; Willie Colón is one of my favorite "salseros" click here to see a pic
    …My family has a restaurant in Puerto Rico in honor of my grandfather, “Don Tello” click here to view website
    …My favorite foods are “pasteles,” “bacalaítos,” “alcapurrias” and “arroz con gandules” click on the foods to view recipes 
     …I have 2 children, Gianna and Isaac. click heret o see a pic
    …I’m very close to mi familia. click here to see a pic
    …My mother has always been an inspiration to me.  
  • Puerto Rico, "the island of enchantment," "the daughter of the ocean and sun," "pearl of the Caribbean"... is where my roots are.
    Utuado, PR Arecibo, PR Parque del Indio en Caguanas Cuevas de Camuy San Juan, PR San Juan, PR Don Tello Restaurant lancha de cataño Culebra, PR