• 7th Grade Chorus

    White Plains Middle School


    Welcome to the 7th Grade Chorus at White Plains Middle School!  I’m very excited and proud to be a part of this experience and I hope you are as well.  Together we’ll have a great year!!


    The basic expectations for 7th Grade Chorus are:

    • Classroom participation
    • Consistent effort
    • A desire to perform
    • Rehearsal and Concert attendance
    • Good behavior

    You will be graded on these expectations.


    To help you reach these expectations; here are some basic rules.


    1. Be Prompt – ON TIME, ready to sing.
    2. Be Prepared and ready to focus for a great rehearsal.(Pencil in Folder)
    3. Respect yourself, your peers and your teacher.
    4. Give your Best possible performance.  Be and ACTIVE participant in class, work hard, have a great attitude, give it your all.



    Through our study of music, we learn dedication, dependability, camaraderie and teamwork.  We are a team.  Teamwork coming from both sides is necessary for success.  EACH person’s contribution is valuable.  Therefore it is important that parents and teachers work together with students to achieve these goals.


    Grading Policy




                           ·         Worksheets, Tests, Quizzes, Journals

                     ·         Smart Music



    Concerts/Dress Rehearsals                                                   




    Grades are lowered if daily expectations are not met.   Chewing gum in class, lack of participation, talking, misbehavior, and unexcused tardies may all result in a lower grade.



    Consequences for misbehavior:

    1. Warning
    2. Phone call home and Special Duty


    Concert Attendance

    Concerts are the culmination of our daily classroom efforts.  It is imperative that all members attend scheduled concerts.  Each individual is a part of our team, and each team member is needed.  Only serious illness or emergency situations deemed valid by the director will excuse a student from a performance.  A note signed by a parent or guardian must accompany the student the day they return to school.  The student will be assigned a make-up project determined by the director

    Concert Dress

    Black and white for the concerts.


    Ladies: black pants or skirt (that comes at least to the knees, white blouse, black shoes that you can walk in


    Men: White button-down dress shirt, nice tie, black, navy or dark brown dress pants, dark socks, dark dress shoes _ NO SNEAKERS – Thanks!



    Concert Schedule




    Winter Concert: Wednesday, January 15th – 7pm

    Spring Concert: Wednesday, May 14th – 7pm



    Solos:  There may be opportunities to sing solos in the concerts.


    Any additional Performances, such as Festivals or Conferences will be announced when they are confirmed.


    Thank you!!


    Mrs. Jennifer Irlen                jenniferirlen@wpcsd.k12.ny.us