Classroom Expectations
    Here is how you can help your child achieve success in school and in the future.  
    Team W: Our social contract has been made by all students on team W for this school year.  It was generated by our students and covers our behavioral expectations by which we have all agreed to abide. 
    • Be Respectful 
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Positive
    • Be your best!


    This contract is part of Eastview's PBIS behavioral expectations. 

    At Eastview, we expect behavior to be shaped by the acronym ROAR! Roar means:

       Responsibility and


    How can you be sure your tiger ROARS?
    Respect: Students must be respectful  of people, equipment, and supplies.  

    Organization: Students are expected to be organized and prepared each day.  Bring a planner, Interactive science notebook and at least two pencils and one pen every day.  Index cards will be helpful for studying at home.  It is very important that homework be completed and in class by the due date. 

    Acceptance: We accept other's ideas and beliefs.  We accept and celebrate our diversity.   

    Responsibility: Students must bring materials to class and do their homework on time. Even though homework is only 10% of the grade, it is critical to the quality of the classroom experience and to your child's success.  We cannot continue with the lesson if homework is not done.  Homework is given every day in order to reinforce what your child learned in school, deepen your child’s understanding of subject matter, and teach responsibility and good work habits.  Homework is your child's primary responsibility.  Homework is written on the board, in the same place every day, and children are responsible for copying homework assignments in their school planner at the beginning of each class. Homework is also often posted on my web page for your information.  Please go through homework with your child every day, as it is important that your child has some accountability both at home and in school. It is important that your child complete the homework on his or her own – unless otherwise indicated.  You can help by ensuring a quiet place with supplies: dictionary, paper, pencils, markers, glue stick, colored pencils.  A parent or adult should monitor neatness, read instructions, and explain directions if needed. Science homework should take no more than 20 – 30 minutes a night.  If you find that your child is usually taking more time than that, please be sure to get in touch with me. 

    Middle school brings greater expectations for your child.  If class is missed for any reason, students are expected to make up all missed work in a timely fashion.  I am available at lunch (period 6).  Students are also expected to seek out help as needed.  Please encourage your child to come for extra help if you find they are struggling with the material or need clarification.  Tests and projects will be announced a week in advance, and be posted on the team calendar, which is sent home each month.  They will also be posted on my web page calendar.  Be sure to check my web page frequently.

    How can you check how your child is doing?    Check the planner and my webpage, and monitor that your child is completing the assigned homework.  I will send home a study guide before tests. Review the study guide with your child, referring to the PowerPoints on my web page. Help your child review the videos and PowerPoints, and play the review games.  

    I will   post grades for tests, quizzes, and assignments in my IC gradebook available on the IC parent portal no later than 10 school days after the assignment due date (with the exception of assignments submitted by students past the due date).
    Student Expectations: Students will be expected to:

    ·         Monitor their own grades for accuracy. In the event that a student believes a grade is inaccurate, he or she will bring the concern to the attention of the teacher.

    ·         Bring a grading concern to the attention of their guidance counselor if a grading concern that was raised with the teacher has not been adequately addressed. 

    Parent Expectations: Parents will be expected to

    ·         Monitor their child’s grades in order to provide further support and supervision as needed.

    Hard copy progress reports will ONLY be mailed home for those students with in-progress course grades less than or equal to 70%. Hard copy report cards will continue to be mailed home for all students.

    ·         Encourage their child to bring any grading concerns to his or her teacher. Parents are encouraged to follow up directly with the teacher as needed.

    ·         Bring a grading concern to the attention of the subject area coordinator (high school level) or building administrator (middle school level) only after that grading concern has been raised directly with the teacher and has not been resolved.


    Science grades depend on test and quiz grades; lab work; homework; and science writing, as follows:

    Tests and quizzes:  50%

    Homework: 10%

    Lab work: 30%

    Science Writing (exit tickets, do nows, and Interactive Science Notebook entries): 10%


     If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at susanlevin@wpcsd.k12.ny.us or call and leave a message with the main office at 422-2223. If you do not hear back within 24 hours please call again.   



Last Modified on August 19, 2019