• Fitness

     Muscular Strength

    The ability of a muscle to exert force one time against a resistance.

    Cardiovascular Endurance

    The ability of the heart, blood vessels and lungs to supply oxygen and necessary fuel to the muscles during long periods of continuous exercise.

    Muscular Endurance

    The ability to repeat, continue or persist in strenuous tasks using muscles for a long period of time.


    The ability to move the body joints through a full range of motion.


    The ability to change direction accurately and quickly while moving rapidly.


    The ability to move quickly in order to cover a distance in a short period of time.

    Reaction Time

    The amount of time it takes to move after realizing the need to act after a stimulus.


    The ability to exert a maximal contraction during one explosive act quickly.


    The ability to integrate movements or to use two more body parts together smoothly while performing a task.


    The ability to maintain a steady and stable position while stationary or moving
    A repetition is one movement of the exercise.
    A set is a grouping of repetitions.