Band/Orchestra Grading Criteria



    Participation = 25%

            *Have your instrument & supplies

    *Be on time for class

    *Sit up straight

    *Play only when asked and remain silent at all other times

            *Take care of your instrument

            *Follow classroom and school rules



            *Know your lesson time

            *Remember your instrument

            *Attend the lessons

            *Make-up any missed lessons within two cycles


     Assessments & Concerts = 50%

           *Be able to play your scales

            *Be able to play your music

            *Study for and submit all written work/tests

            *Attend all concerts

            *Be respectful, well-behaved and professional at concerts

            *Wear the correct black and white concert attire

            *If sick on the day of a concert, provide a note.

            *An assignment may be required for a missed concert


Last Modified on October 19, 2015