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    Bari Sax






    Band and orchestra classes will rehearse every other day. Student participation points will be earned during each rehearsal. Students are expected to come to rehearsals prepared with their instruments, playing supplies such as reeds, sticks and valve oil, and pencils. A note from home is required if the instrument is in the repair shop, or if the student is not able to play due to a mouth or finger injury.




    Lessons will rotate through several class periods and will occur once per six day cycle, using the A – F day schedule. All classroom work which is missed must be made up.  Students with tests or special review classes will be excused from the lesson that day, however are required to make up the missed lesson within two weeks, with another group of similar instruments. 




    Interested students are encouraged to begin working on approved solos as soon as possible.  Auditions usually take place in April or May.  Sixth graders may also audition for the Elementary All-County Band, in December.  See Ms. Mazziotti for details.




    The band and orchestra room will be open from 7:30-8:00 A.M. for instrument drop-off.  You may leave your instrument in the room, but you must return to the auditorium to listen to the morning announcements. Instruments should be picked up at the end of the day.




    Folder – to keep “take home” copies of music in, as well as lesson schedules.


    Flute – swab, soft cloth


    Clarinet & Saxophone – Reeds are not provided by the school.  Have FOUR good, working reeds at all times.  Alternate them so that they are broken in and ready to play in an emergency.  Generally, size 2-3 reeds are best.  Also, purchase a reed case, a swab and cork grease.


    Brass Instruments – valve/slide oil, slide grease, mouthpiece brush, soft cloth and cleaning snake.


    Percussion – sticks (nylon tipped 5B or 5A), practice pad or 14” snare drum, set of practice bells, if possible, and a drum key, if you own a drum.


    Strings – Rosin, shoulder pad



    Home practice is a required and necessary component of our program. Thank you!


Last Modified on June 8, 2018