• MAS PTA Financial Procedures 2017-2018logo

    Below are some guidelines to help the PTA keep our finances running smoothly:

    1. There is an approved budget for all events/fundraisers. If you have any questions
    about what was spent or raised last year, please contact the Treasurer directly so that
    detailed information can be provided.

    2. Keep your receipts! All expenses associated with PTA committees/events are eligible
    for reimbursement. You must complete the PTA Reimbursement Form and attach
    original receipts. The form and receipts need to be submitted to one of the Co-
    Presidents for approval. Note: If you lose a receipt for some reason, please contact the
    Treasurer to discuss.

    3. Please try to request checks at least a week in advance of when they are needed. All
    checks from the PTA account require two signatures, so it’s important to allow time for
    the check to be written and signed.

    4. Start-up cash for events can be obtained through either the Co-Presidents or the
    Treasurer. Please contact them at least a week in advance of when you will need the
    cash to make arrangements.

    5. All deposits should go to the Assistant Treasurer. Please include a total for checks and
    cash, along with what committee or event they are from. Please complete the Deposit Verification Form any time you have a deposit for the Assistant Treasurer.

    6. Keep in mind that sometimes checks bounce! For fundraisers where checks are
    collected as payment for merchandise, e.g. membership, Fall fundraiser, etc.,
    occasionally checks are returned, so please try to ensure the checks are deposited in
    advance of merchandise being distributed and check with the Treasurer to make sure all
    checks have cleared.

    7. All bills must be paid by check – never by cash. As a general rule, purchases should not
    be made without written authorization from a Co-President.


    Treasurer Kate Scorza Ingram 203-500-3106 kscorzaingram@gmail.com 
    Asst. Treasurer Phil Cutrone 646-286-9654 philip.cutrone@gmail.com
    Co-President Susie Mark 917-446-0622 susiemarkpta@gmail.com
    Co-President James Dean 917-364-8378 jamezdean@gmail.com