Now he’s a permanent fixture, coming to school daily, a familiar member of the community. He makes his way confidently around the school, eager to visit his favorite classrooms. In the morning he makes his rounds, stopping first to greet his most beloved “Nana”, Mrs.Freeman. After receiving hugs and kisses and, of course treats, he’ll stop by to see how Mr. Janowitz is doing. This time he gives the kisses to show Mr Janowitz that he’s his favorite Assistant Principal. Then, off to Ms. Ungar’s office , where he settles in for a bit, sitting on her couch and playing with kids who like to start their day with the dog who thinks he’s a kid. Plus, Gus is a really good listener for anyone who needs to talk. Once lessons get started, Gus usually gets comfortable on his red or blue beanbag chair and takes a much needed nap. But when Gus goes to sleep, his magic keeps on working. Last year he inspired a “Dog Museum” in first grade. The kids learned almost everything there is to know about dogs and created a museum, showing off their non-fiction writing and newly acquired knowledge about canines. This year there is a book sale planned in second grade. The kids in Mrs. Novielli’s class learned all about the writing style of Cynthia Rylant, the creator of  the Henry and Mudge books. Mudge is a lovable big dog and his boy, Henry. The students have written books in the style of Ms. Rylant, using Gus as a model for the main character. Instead of Mudge, Gus is in every story. Their book sale should be sold out! Along with these exciting learning activities, Gus has motivated kids to write letters, poems, stories and journal entries. Gus is busy every day at MAS, helping the teaching and learning process everywhere he goes!